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Welcome to LuluRuns. My name is Bethany (also known as Lulu) and I love to run. I am Christ follower, wife to my best friend, Landon, and a mother to my wonderful son, Benaiah.





  I started running five years ago and since starting, have run numerous races and a half marathon.


Lulu Runs is a lifestyle blog geared toward healthy living, my love for running, my family, food, and fitness.


Follow along as I share my running experiences, wife and mom adventures, healthy and sometimes, not-so-healthy recipes, and everything in between!


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6 thoughts on “About Lulu

    1. Thank you so much Sunnie! I am so excited to be your blog buddy! Thank you so much all your help! You are such an inspiration to me!! 🙂 I am sure I will be texting you (wink wink)

      XOXO Back,

  1. beautiful life Bethany. you certainly do have a beautiful family. I would ask you to please pray for me. I as I get older my body is also. I need prayer for my body. over the last month I have been experiencing tredmenous pain in my muscles. and joints.

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