Race Recaps

Chicago's Perfect 10
Chicago’s Perfect 10

Races- something about racing is so inspiring, overwhelming, exciting, and scary at the same time.  There is no other feeling like crossing the finish line, with family yelling your name, crowds cheering you on, and the feeling of victory in your chest.  Here are my races that I’ve done, stats, times, and places.

2012- Red Shoe Run 5k  Time:  24:20 Place: 1st Age Division

2013- Red Shoe Run 5k Time: 23:09 Place: 1st Age Division

2013-  Chicago’s Perfect 10 (10k race) Time: 48:07/ 7:46 pace  Place: 1st Age Division/ 68th overall/ 12th female overall

2014- Chicago’s St. Patty’s Day Race (my birthday day race!) 8k- Time: 36:18/ 7:19 pace  Place: 1st Age Division/ 32nd overall/ 11th female overall

2014- Red Shoe Run 5k Time:  22:22:09/ 7:12 pace  Place: 1st Age Division/ 6th female overall/ 43 overall

2014- Michelob Ultra Chicago Half-Marathon–  Time: 1:50:28/ 8:27 pace  Place: 1st Age Division/ 112th female of 1,653/ 446th of 2,870

2014- Byron Turkey Trot 5k Time: 25:20/ 8:12 pace Place: 3rd Age Division/ 6th female/ 20th overall

2015- Red Shoe Run 5k Time: 22:48.58/ 7:21 pace/ Place: 1st Age Division/ 6th female/ 36th overall

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dad and daughter

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