Glorifying God


Lately, I’ve been thinking, hearing, and talking a lot about glorifying God. At first glance, the thought seems like a vague idea. Trying to understand how to glorify an all-powerful, perfect God is challenging. How do I glorify God, what ‘pleases the Lord?” (Eph. 5:10).

The more and more time that I spend thinking about this and talking with friends, pastors, and family about this idea; I have realized that it is strangely and unpredictably simple.

Glorifying God is not in how often we tithe, how many times we sing a worship song, or how many Bible verses we memorize. (Although those are all important).  Glorifying God is as simple as taking every opportunity presented to you in life and give glory to Him. It means enjoying life, even through the mess. Glorifying God means noticing a sunrise and thanking the Lord for His creation.  It means rejoicing in a long, sweaty run or thanking Him for the delicious food on your table.


I am thankful for so many things the Lord has given me. Yet, I believe that I don’t take time to thank the Lord as I should. My challenge to you and myself is to take this week, slow down and enjoy the Lord and all that He provides. Beauty. Creation. Food. Runs. Coffee. Family. Friends. Bonfires. Dessert. As long as the things that we enjoy line up with Christ’s character, enjoy those, and then bring the glory, the praise, the adoration and the love back to Him, who gives it freely.