Be Prepared, Last Nights Shenanigans and My Current Mood (TOL #45) 

Good morning, happy Thursday, and happy September 1! Can you believe we are already in September? I feel like summer just began. Time…slow down.

Before we dive into the craziness of today’s random Thursday thoughts, a big “thank you,” to the lovely Amanda for hosting! Also, if you all are looking for a delicious pumpkin bread recipe, make sure to try her recipe out. I’m making this ASAP.

1. Since we are talking about fall and pumpkin bread, let’s continue. I am so excited to whip up all.things.pumpkin. (Be prepared!) use my spice candles, and watch the leaves drop off the trees. If you haven’t caught on, I love the fall. Yesterday, I was super excited that it was finally cool enough to open my windows! Yay for fall weather.

2. Something I will miss about the summer? BLTS for dinner andlong  summer walks with this guy. He’s my favorite.

3. Since I happened to mention exercise (eh, walking…) don’t miss this circuit workout I shared yesterday! And even though it says prenatal- it’s not only for pregnant women. 😉

  1. While I’m not gushing over the fall weather or exercising, I’ve been organizing everything in sight. Yesterday, I cleaned out my purse. Guys, why in the world do I have so.much.junk. floating around in there? No wonder why it was so heavy!?

5. Current mood.

6. Last nights shenanigans- oh my goodness, can’t handle this.

That’s all for today! Catch you all later. 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Are you excited for fall? What is your favorite fall activity? 
  2. Current mood? 
  3. What are your random Thursday thoughts?