Prenatal Strength Circuit Workout



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I’ll be honest, there are days when trying to muster up the enthusiasm to workout is hard. (Like today, 8/31/16) Running was the last thing I wanted to do this morning, I felt like I would rather have crawled back into bed and slept the day away. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to determine whether my body is telling me that I really need a rest day or whether it’s just my lazy side trying to convince me to skip a workout. Today, I determined it was my lazy side that was convincing me my run didn’t need to happen. So, instead of crawling back to bed, I laced up my running shoes (Mizuno Wave Engimas, if you all are interested, read more about what kind of shoe they are/my thoughts on them here.) and headed out the door.

At the stage in my pregnancy (40 weeks and 3 days!) one mile feels like enough. And that is just what I did.

Today, I am sharing my easier prenatal strength circuit workout. I did this workout yesterday and it left me feeling sweaty and strong. Just how I like it. If this is too easy for you, add extra rounds to the circuit (I completed four rounds.) If this is too hard, just decrease the reps or go for two or three circuit rounds instead of the full four. Either way, challenge yourself and see what you can do.

Obviously, this workout isn’t just for pregnant people, but I created it so if you are pregnant (like me!) you aren’t lying on your back and there are no awkward positions for that growing bump to be in!

The only equipment necessary are light weights, whatever weight you are comfortable with.

Prenatal Circuit Workout


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That’s all for now, seize the day!


Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your favorite way to workout? 
  2. How do you tell the difference between needing a rest day vs. laziness?
  3. What are your favorite kind of running shoes?