Baby Registy Shopping, Sister Sleepovers, and Food Prep: Friday Favorites (7/8) 

Oh boy. It’s Friday friends! I have a lot plans for this weekend including: running, (we are going to talk about this in much detail later today!), gardening, blogging, walking, and spending time with my best friend (aka, my husband!)

Landon and I also have a double dinner date planned for tonight, which makes me very happy. My sister in law and brother are coming over for dinner and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Let’s kick off this weekend with celebrating favorites from the week! 

 Baby Registry Shopping!!

I got to shop with these lovely ladies yesterday (they felt pretty cool, obviously) 😉  I am petty confidant  that I’ve almost completed my registry. Although, it seems like every single time I think I’m done, I’m realize I left something else out! 

Baby Clothes! 

I can’t even handle cuteness of these clothes. Can I just have some in my size? I’m pretty confident that whether baby T is a boy or girl, our little one will be styling. (Probably more than me!)  

Food Prep

Wednesday evening, I made a quiche (you can find the recipe here!) and had it all ready to go for Thursday dinner! I love it when I actually think ahead of the game. 

New Blog Page!

I finally complied all my workouts and running tips in one page. You can find it in the top of the blog, underneath the heading, “Workouts.”

Glow in the Dark Accesories 


My sister in law can rock glow in the dark apparel. This photo cracked me up and made my whole week a little brighter. 

Sister sleepovers!!

My sisters and sister in laws all stayed over night last night and we had a blast! I love the fact that I have five sisters! Best.thing.ever. 

From Around the Web! 

  1. Janae was in Eugene, Oregon watching the Olympic trials! I am so glad she posted pictures, because guys it looked amazing! I lived through her experience 😉 
  2. These PB& J overnight oats look amazing! Julie knows what’s  up! Anybody else an Overnight oats fan??
  3. Since the weather has been toasty here, these Popsicles (made by the amazing Jen!) look aaamazing.  
  4. Amanda made these amazing  protein truffles? YES please!
  5. These banana muffins made by Taralynn look amazing! I need to make them, asap!

That’s all for now friends, check back in later for a candid discussion about third trimester running/fitness! 

Questions of the Day

  1. Any favorites of the week? 
  2. What are some of your favorite/most useful baby items you purchased or received? 
  3. Do you have any sisters or sister in laws? How often do you get together with family?