WIAW- Typical

Typical. Some would call me that. I like my coffee hot and strong, devotions deep, and runs long. I am a creature of habit until that ‘habit’ becomes boring. Some probably would and could guess what I do daily and eat daily and enjoy daily. It’s not that I live a boring life, on the contrary.  However, I do wear my heart on my sleeve, so once someone gets to know me; they are not in for many surprises.

Typically I… have my toast with my devotions.

I always (I should say for this one) have my devotions in the morning. I crave my alone time with the Lord, while the sun is still tucked behind the earth. It is the only time that I get a quiet moment with Him, so I take full advantage of it when I get the chance. (Even if it means getting up at an unnatural hour.)  The typical side of me shows when I have my regular Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread with almond butter. A winning combo that has gone strong for the past year. And I am not changing that anytime soon.

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Typically I… run in the morning. I am a morning runner. I really do try to run in the afternoon and do afternoon workouts. But I have learned through the years, that I do my best running in the morning. I have way more motivation for some reason. Call me weird if you want.

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This run was pain-free. Which was a huge win!

Typically I…drink a mammoth size green smoothie as refuel after my workouts. It is a sad day when I can’t have this after a run. Nothing is the same the rest of the day. Excuse the dramatics.

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Typically I…eat a snack plate at lunch. Consisting of lots of veggies.  Roasted sweet potatoes preferably. And when they are shaped in fry form, it makes the world a better place.

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Typically I…snack before dinner. I usually have something sweet before dinner. Yesterday mom brought home banana chips. It was a good day.

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Typically I…(or we) don’t order pizza for dinner. But that is exactly what we did last night and we enjoyed it with family and friends.


My favorite pizza toppings are: pineapple and green pepper. Anybody else with me? Salty and sweet are always a winner in my book.  I also put pizza in the group of “Great Pre-Early-Morning-Workout-Fuel” (You hear me runners..)

And that’s a wrap!

Me- your not so typical, typical woman. Enamored with Christ, long runs, and all things beautiful in life.

I don’t if that is typical or not?