WIAW: Playing Catch-Up and a New Recipe Coming 

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you! This week has been flying by, but I feel like I’ve been dragging all week. I blame the weekend, I think I had too much fun. 😉 

Before we dive into today’s post, thank you to Jen for hosting!

Yesterday morning, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed and coconut peanut butter to start my morning off on the right foot.

After eating my oats, the rest of the morning I spent having my devotions, cleaning, and blogging. 

Yesterday was a rainy day, which tempted me to take a nap instead of workout. Eventually, my motivated side won out, and I worked out my arms and core. 

I did lots of curls and shoulder presses with our free weights and lots of planks. Lately, I’ve been working on my planks, and even though I’m pregnant, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement! (Yeah for improvement!) 

After quickly cleaning up, I made myself a salad and paired it with some cheese, an apple and some gluten free crisps. 

Side note: Aldi shopping friends, I found those gluten free crisps at my Aldi and they are delicious! The best flavor: sweet chili. Hello yum. 

Once I finished lunch, I chatted with a few friends, worked on some business stuff, and headed out the door.

While I was running errands, I noticed my hair is getting super long- and I just had it cut! (Thank you pregnancy!) 

One of my stops was Trader Joes, (my heart loves this store.) 

I grabbed the necessary items that I came for and also grabbed this sparkling water. I normally get raspberry lime, but this mandarin orange flavor was fantastic! 

A little later, I noticed I was  hungry, so I made my favorite snack as of late.

I ate this all too quickly (it was so good,) and then I worked on a new recipe for the blog!

Once Landon came home, this new recipe also ended up being dinner. 

We ate quickly and left for our first group Bradley class. It went really well and it makes me all the more excited to meet our little one. 🙂 

After making it home, I had one of my healthy brownies and called it a night.

How about you? 

1. What’s your favoite snack lately? 

2. Do you like making new recipes?

3. Do you ever feel like you have to catch up from the weekend?  
Don’t forget to check back in later today for a new, easy, and healthy dinner recipe!