WIAW- Not Many Groceries, Breakfast and Lunch, and Birthdays!


Ever have those days when you open up the fridge, pantry, and your secret drawers (shh), to see what food you can scrounge up?

Well yesterday was one of those days. It is was also lacking veggies, because of our lack of groceries. That  was tough!

Anyways, morning came and I immediately got my coffee. One of the many good things about being in the gourmet coffee business? Never.running.out.of.coffee.


After my devotions, sprint intervals and lifting session, I scrounged up a random breakfast.


I really love working for myself, it is nice to be able to stay in my workout clothes for a while. Anybody else like doing this?

Around noon, I found another random lunch that consisted of a mixture of barley, lentils, and chicken with barbecue sauce and my favorite sweet potato fries.


The rest of the day, I failed at taking pictures, but I did have a couple more cups of coffee and some banana chips. (My weakness!)

Around six, my family and some of our extended family had a spur of the moment birthday party for my Grandma.

She is such a gem and I am so blessed to call her not only my Grandma, but my friend. I love her passion for the Lord and her sense of humor.

We shared not only stories and a lot of laughter, but salad, pizza, and cake!

Well, I’m off to get back to work! Happy Wednesday everyone!