WIAW- New and Old Favorites

Welcome back to the party! I missed last week, but I am glad to be back. Yesterday incorporated a lot of my favorite foods. Some old and some new. I thought it would be fun to see what old and new things I have enjoyed recently.


Old favorite: Almond Butter

My morning started with devotions and almond butter toast. The only thing better would be my Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread, but I was out. Which meant a shopping trip later was going to happen.


After eating, I went to the gym and focused on some cross training. An older gentlemen made me laugh when he told me that I was “So small,I would have to run back and forth underneath the shower so I could get wet.” I can assure you that isn’t true, but I thought it was funny.


Old favorite: Cheerios. Loved them since I was a kid. So I had to put them on top of my smoothie.

Once I got home, I downed a large smoothie. It wasn’t my usual festive green color since I was again, out of another grocery item. (Spinach). But it was still delicious.


Old favorite:Lentil Soup.

Eventually lunch time rolled around, so I ate some leftover Lentil/Quiona soup and oyster crackers. My aunt gave us this recipe a long time ago and it is still a classic. Everyone all the girls love it.


New favorite: Olive Hummus

After lunch, we went to Spanish class. We snacked on grapes and practiced our Spanish dialog with grandma. Later that afternoon, we went shopping. I found this hummus at Woodmans. Oh. my. goodness. Olive hummus is a must.


New favorite: Wraps

Old favorite: Cottage Cheese

I think this dinner qualifies as one of my lamest dinners to date. But it tasted good and wraps have rocked my world lately.


New favorite: Zevia

Sometimes, carbonation just sounds good. I have seen this soda all over and finally tried some. Verdict. Love it! I wouldn’t buy it all the time (because of the price), but it is nice for a treat now and then.

Pretty sure I snacked on some leftover pizza crust too (old favorite) and eventually hit the sack.

What are some of you guys’ favorites (old or new?)