Weekend Scenes 

Good morning and happy Monday. Even though most people don’t like Mondays, I love the fresh start that Monday’s bring. I love to start the week with a good workout and breakfast, and reflect on the weekend. 

This weekend was packed with lots of fun activities, good food, and family time. (All my favorite things!) 

(My happy- weekend face.) 

Saturday was HOT. Landon and I woke early in order for me to run and Landon to play soccer. In love the trails, but they don’t have a ton of shade- which made this run extremely warm. 

Once I was finished running, I drank a ton of water, stretched, watched Landon play. 

After we got home, Landon made me breakfast (which was delicious!) and we headed out to grandma and grandpas house for a family clean up day. 

I didn’t get any pictures, but we spent two and a half hours cleaning, raking, and gardening. (Yay for more sun!)

After a bunch of sun, I rewarded myself with iced coffee and pool time at mom and dads.

But first, we checked on our garden. It’s growing so well and I can’t wait to reap the benefits. I am already dreaming of homemade salsa, fresh green beans, and homegrown cantaloupe! 

After swimming and eating dinner, we ended up spending the evening at mom and dads.

Sunday we celebrated moms birthday , went to church, relaxed with family, and played a game of  ultimate frisbee. 

Compared to our crazy weekend last week, I was thankful for this low-key, but still fun weekend. It’s nice to have a balance between crazy, full days and relaxing ones too. 

How About You? 

  1. Name three things you did this weekend.
  2. Have you ever played ultimate frisbee? 
  3. Was your weekend busy or relaxing- or a mixture of both?