Two Birthday Parties, a Rainy Run, and My First Cup of Coffee? (Weekend Recap) 

This weekend just flew by. I’m well aware that I say that about most weekends, but I’m fairly sure this one went more quickly than the others. It may have had something to do with the fact that we celebrated not one, but two birthday’s. 

Let’s rewind to Saturday morning:

Saturday began with me making Landon a large breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, and having devotions.

A little while after our food digested, we hit the trail and ran for 3 miles. It was a great run, minus the downpour. We were pretty soaked! 

I wish I would have gotten a picture, but once we got back inside, we quickly got ready and left to go to my parents house to celebrate Emily’s birthday! 

I can’t believe she’s fourteen already- I don’t remember allowing her to grow up. 😉 

We obviously had a good time. Oh and thanks mom for making ice cream cake: it

Sunday morning, we went to church and celebrated Landon’s birthday with his family! 

Dad made his famous Liberian food (my favorite), mom made a huge salad, and they served it with lots of fresh fruit. (It’s like they know my pregnancy cravings!?) 

Mom and dad also made this stellar healthy frozen peanut butter pie. It was delicious friends.

After dessert, Landon opened up his gifts. 

While we were visiting, I drank my first cup of black coffee since getting pregnant! I felt so happy.

Later that evening, the men shot their firearms, we all watched a movie, and drowned ourselves in watermelon and popcorn. 

It was such a great weekend- lots of family time, a great run, and good food, just how I like it.

I’ll  leave you with this adorable picture of Landon I found yesterday. (Be still my heart.) 

I can’t wait to see what baby T looks like. 

Catch you all tomorrow with another bump date!

Questions of the Day: 

1. What did your weekend look like? 

2. Anyone else like to run in the rain? 

3. Do you like ice cream cake, if so, what kind is your favoite?