Total Body 20 Minute Circuit Workout


As I crawled out of bed this morning, I walked out to the living room and saw Landon finishing up his morning workout. I am so thankful that he keeps his fitness a priority,  even when he is tired! After Landon left for work, I decided to get my workout finished early this morning too. (Thanks for the encouragement babe!)

 Instead of focusing on either just arms or just legs, I chose to create a short, sweet, and sweaty twenty-minute total body workout.

This workout focuses on legs, arms, and core and will leave you sweaty! The only equipment required are dumbbells (although you could easily switch out shoulder presses for another round of push ups.)


Have a great rest of your Monday! May it be filled with good workouts, strong coffee, and lots of sunshine!

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1. What did your workout look like today?

2. If you are married, does your spouse workout with you?

3. How are you spending your Monday?