Tornadoes, Latest Obsessions, and Babies: (TOL #35) 

It’s that time of the week again, welcome back to the TOL party. Still have no clue what’s going on? Check out more info here. Shout out to Amanda for continually hosting this party!

1. Yesterday, I thought we were going to get blown away. According to the radar, there were nine tornados around our area. Hello fun. 😬 Praise the Lord that they skipped over us! 

2. Before the massive storms hit yesterday, I had this breakfast. Oh it hit the spot and I may or may not be dreaming about it this morning. 

3. Although my taste buds may have loved eggs, toast, and apples for breakfast, I had some nasty heartburn about 2 hours later. Anyone else had heartburn (while pregnant or not) before?  Man, it’s no fun! I now have a whole new level of empathy for those who struggle with heart burn on a regular basis. 

4. Speaking of being pregnant, this was taken a week ago, but the bump is about the same size. Baby T has been quite active lately and I am loving it! 

5. What I’m not loving so much? The physical exhaustion that hit this week. I’m thinking baby T is having  growth spurt, because I’m literally fighting to stay awake in the afternoon. (i.e. Yesterday’s 1.5 hour nap.) 

6. Maybe this is why coffee has sounded especially delicious lately. Which makes me crave some, just one second….

7. Ahh, coffee is in my hand and I’m feeling much better about life right now. 

8. Something else I cannot get enough of lately? My healthy chocolate peanut butter pie. Seriously, it reminds me of a cross between a fudgsicle and ice cream cake. (Excuse the awful pixture.) Missed the recipe? Find it here

9. Speaking of recent posts, yesterday, I was talking about RUNNING (you know, that sport that I have a deep love for?) I typed up a big post about how to get faster and run further without giving yourself an injury, losing your passion for the sport, or killing yourself. Check that one out here

10. As much as I love running, cross training is something I always incorporate into my weekly workout routine. Yesterday I focused on legs/core. Oh boyyy, I can feel it today!

11. Speaking of feeling things? My heart just about exploded when I got an email with a picture of our friends (from our Bradley class) who just had their baby yesterday!!  (His name is Oliver and I can’t get over how adorable that is.) Landon and I are so happy for them- he looks absolutely perfect. (It is still sinking in that Landon and I get a baby soon too!) 

How was that for random thoughts? Hope you were able to keep up! 😉 I’m signing off for now,happy  Thursday and make today great. 

Check back in later for my leg/core circuit workout.

Share Your Thursday Thoughts: 

  1. Name three things you are doing today! (Me: Arm workout, gardening, Bible study) 
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  3. Any latest obsessions?