Top Four Weekend Highlights

Hello there friends and happy Monday to you! I always love the fresh start that Mondays bring, and although I am kind of craving an extra day for just ‘nothing,’ a fresh beginning of a new week does feel good.

I hope your weekend was restful and enjoyable; ours was practically non stop from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. Although I love fast-paced days and time with family and friends’, I felt like the extra business made the weekend fly by at an usual quick rate. Needless to say, I’m hoping this week is a little bit more restful, but just as fun.

Since I didn’t take as many pictures as usual, I thought I would share a few highlights from our whirlwind weekend with you all in bullet point fashion, instead of boring you with too many details.



My Sister’s Concert

Saturday morning, my sister, Abby, had a concert at a local fall festival. Landon and I were thrilled to go support her! We brought Landon’s sisters and enjoyed the quality time of fellowship with the family. It was so fun to watch her perform and although the day was extremely warm (at least for this time of year), we enjoyed time at the festival too. Landon and I purchased a couple lemon shake-ups (basically just lemonade) from a booth and my dad let me sample some of his homemade ice cream root beer float. YES. Niah and Landon always enjoyed some cheesy fries, because when at a fair…




Ice Cream Date

Saturday night, after the concert, Landon and I shared dinner with Nikki and Kayli and then took advantage of our baby sitter’s for a quick ice cream date at a local ice cream parlor. Neither Landon nor I had really taken time to ‘officially’ celebrate finishing our marathon and 26.2 miles definitely calls for celebration, even if it was 6 days later. After much debate, I ended up deciding on a mocha flavored ice cream and Landon chose strawberry. Both were delicious (although I think the strawberry flavor took the cake). We enjoyed eating our cones while lounging around the parlor before heading back home.


Movie Night with the Family

After our ice cream run, we came back home and watched a movie with Landon’s family. As hot as it was in our place, we all cozied up and enjoyed Wonder Woman, closing out the night right around 11. It was late, but the time with the family and the movie made it worth it! Have you guys seen the movie yet? Thoughts?


Sunday, Landon and I celebrated with our friend, Katie and Tyler who just got married! I totally forgot my camera (bummer!) but the ceremony and reception were both beautiful. Landon’s dad and sister Kayli, offered to watch Niah while Landon and I went to the reception; and knowing it would be hard to corral our wiggly boy during a dinner we quickly took them up on it. It was such a special time to celebrate them and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for their marriage! Also, the food was amazing. 😉

And just like that, after a concert, a ice cream date, a movie night, and a wedding, the weekend was over. I hope you all have an awesome Monday and I will talk with you soon.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. What is your ideal weekend like? Busy or slow or a mixture of both?
  3. Best thing you ate yesterday?