I’m Think I’m Turning a New Leaf + FOUR DAY WEEKEND! (TOL #75)


You know those times that the weeks just end up working out really, really well? Yes, this week has been pretty lovely. Landon had Monday (Memorial Day) off and then his boss gave him the option of taking today and tomorrow off in order to attend a yearly conference we (and his boss) attend. Can you say happy?! I am not complaining about having a four day weekend. Although we will be attending the ICHE (Illinois Christian Home Educators) conference Thursday through Saturday, it will be super nice to be together and learning as a family. Gotta love that right?

Oh and thank you Amanda for hosting today’s TOL blog post. If you guys haven’t checked her blog (and drool worthy recipes) please do!

MMMM’kay, moving on…

I now know why Amazon prime gives free, 30 day trials away. I have fallen in love and I don’t know if I will have the will power to cancel my free subscription just yet. I mean, buying things without having to go shopping and not paying any shipping? Is that the best of both worlds or what?! I recently snagged this lovely sports bra and have my eyeballs on these adorable pants. Opinions, thoughts? Yay or nay for the pants?


Halo Top, you will be my new, favorite summer treat. I mean, I was already loving Halo Top, but eating a pint after a long day in the sun felt so right. I will have to purposely make a Halo Top budget this summer 😉


This guy is going to be NINE MONTHS OLD today and I am over here with all the feels. Where has these nine months gone?! I will be writing a full nine month update soon, but until then I will be getting all of the snuggles from this munchkin that I can.

Speaking of great things, Landon has a half day off today! We are heading to a conference together, while Benaiah hangs out with his grandpa and aunts! Date day, here we come!


Currently drooling over this chair 

And this couch 

And this one. Maybe I should go with this colored chair instead of the gray…thoughts? I’m normally a farmhouse/traditional style lover, but recently the mid century modern look is my new jam…I guess I’m turning over a new leaf.

That’s all for now you lovely peopl you, talk to you guys tomorrow about running! You bring the coffee and I’ll bring the convo, okay? 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your favorite home decor style? (Farmhouse, mid century mod, traditional?)
  2. What are your Thursday plans? 
  3. Local peeps- anyone else going to the ICHE conference?