Thursday Thoughts

It’s time for Thursday Thoughts, basically a post about thoughts that are swirling around my head.  Sound fun?

Let’s dive in.

I. Let’s take a moment to appreciate a good chick flick.  Oh my goodness gracious, I love a good sappy story.  Last week, my sister and I were babysitting which meant two things. Chocolate and chick flicks.  Apparently, all good things in life start with the letter ‘C’? Christ, chocolate, chick flicks, cottage cheese, Christmas, conversation…you get the point.

Anyways, Abby and I picked up these two at our library.  Winners in my book.



2. Tapering is hard.  I miss my long runs. I know tapering is important, but I am craving a good ten miler.  However, I have found the beauty in a short run; I have more times in the mornings 😉

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3. It’s terrible.  Horrible.  Wretched.  I am out of all my nut butters. How long can I make it?! I am a nut butter lover and am a little distraught when I run out.  Anybody else with me on this?

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4.  Tennis is great way to tan.  Don’t you hate during the winter when you turn all pasty?  Yes, that is the story of my life.  This month I’ve been on a mission to get some vitamin D and tennis has been just the cure.  I am able to get outside, move around, and get some good sun.  I don’t know about you guys, but I just get so bored when I tan.

Needing a nap
Needing a nap

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5. Does anybody else get stuck on a breakfast rut? I am always eating either oats or my favorite protein smoothie (recipe to come.)  This morning out of necessity, I had to cook up some eggs, (this is what happens when we don’t grocery shop). Verdict?  Tasty, but I missed my smoothie. There is something about a smoothie after a run that always

Eggs, Apple Slices, Part of a Egg White Oat pancake
Eggs, Apple Slices, Part of an Egg White Oat pancake

I could go on and on, but I better get going. The to do list never ends!

~ Bethany