Thinking Out Loud V

1. Coffee is great. It is even better when you have two different drinks from Starbucks in one day.


Drink number one : Iced Americano with Organic Vanilla Milk (!)

Drink number two: Black Coffee…sometimes simple is best.


2. Drinking coffee is fun by yourself, but even better when accompanied by sisters.



Check out that drink. She got a Trenta. I didn’t even know that it existed.



They make my days brighter.

3. Does anybody else have a hard time finding jeans? I have the worst time! The jeans are always too big in the waist and long in the leg. Yesterday, I found some though! Victory.


I may or may not have gotten these amazing purple workout pants.

I am sure they will make me run faster.



4. Speaking of running, I got to run today without pain!! I went 4.25 miles with sheer joy. God is so gracious and so powerful.  (Notice the amazing pants!)


5. Fall is finally here! I have already bought new skinny jeans, brought out my scarves, decorated my room with pumpkins, drowned myself in football, and ate butternut squash soup. If you need a good brand this one was a winner.


6. Salad beasts. It’s were it is at. Does anybody else dig hummus on top of a salad? So delicious.


7. Still on the smoothie kick. Someone must help me.



8. This weekend we have a fall festival in our small town! I am looking forward to a great weekend. There will be running, shopping, and football, and church. All of my favorites.

Any fun activities for you guys?