Three Things I’ve Learned Since Benaiah’s Birth 

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I received more advice than I could even take in. Most of it was super helpful, while others I took with a grain of salt. 

During these first eleven days that Benaiah has been in the world, I’ve noticed just how much of that advice I’ve recalled and used. 

Three things I’ve learned

Sleep When He Sleeps 

Before Benaiah was born, this didn’t sound too important to me. After all, I’ll have other things I could get done, right? Right.. but sleep is so important/ I need my sanity friends. 

As tempting as it is for me to clean the house, scrub the kitchen, or dust the bathroom, I know my body will thank me later if I take the opportunity to sleep when Benaiah is sleeping. Landon’s been a great help to me and is often reminding me that sleep is important. 

Say “Yes” to Help

I tend to be that kind of person that likes to do things on my own, but since having Benaiah and juggling feeding/burping/rocking/snuggling a newborn; I’ve been forced to ask for help. Landon is quick to offer help and I’m learning to be quick to accept. I’ve been overwhelmed by the many meals we’ve been given and have realized what a huge help those meals have been! 

This Time is Precious 

While some days, it feels like the dirty diapers keep coming and nursing sessions never end, I know that this time will go quickly  and I don’t want to wish it away. So through the sleepless nights and all the changes a little one brings into life, I want to embrace each moment and every late night snuggle. All too soon Benaiah won’t be so dependent on me and I know that I will wish these days back. 


And with that, my sleepy brain says it’s time to stop writing, before it starts to not make sense. I’ll catch you all later with a WIAW! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What are you learning recently? 
  2. Do you like to accept help? 
  3. What season of life are you in? Do you find yourself wanting to wish for the next stage?