Running Injuries and What I’ve Learned

Running. It is my favorite sport.

I’ve made so many good memories through running.


I’ve made so many good friends.


I’ve run so many races.


And I’ve gotten injured so many times.


The first injury that I remember was peroneal tendinitis. It happened right after my  11 mile run. Long story short, it meant eight days with no running and lots of ice and prayer. A couple of weeks later, because I rested and followed the doctor’s orders, I ran my half marathon pain-free.

A couple of months later, my second injury occurred which happened to be shin splints. I battled shin splints for months, but eventually conquered them. I didn’t recovery from shin splints quickly because I ran through most of the injury.

A little after I got over shin splints, I struggled with my IT band and am just recovery from that injury.

With all the injuries, all the icing, and all the disappointments, people often ask, why do you run?


There is really a few simple answers.

1. Because I can.

2. Because I feel like I was designed to run, and run fast.

3. Because I take delight in pushing myself

4. Because the feeling of that runner’s high is magical.

Lately, not only have I realized how much I simply enjoy running, but I have realized just how much injuries have taught me.

Through the years, injuries have taught me that:

1. When I am weak, He is strong. The Lord taught me through my injuries, that not even my runs are in my control. He holds my runs in His hands too.

2. Patience is a virtue. I really, really do not like being able to run. I dislike having to cut my intensity down and having to shorten my runs. Yet, I think this is the main reason I keep on getting injured. I haven’t allowed my body to fully recover. Treat yourselves well people. Learn from my mistakes.

3. Ice is your friend.

4. Shin splints = foam roller love

5. Speaking of the foam roller, embrace the foam roller. Love the foam roller.

6. Eat well.

7. Get enough rest.


9. Cross train to strengthen so you can prevent injuries!

10. Don’t hate the injury. When you get injured, take it as a time to focus on healing the injury, by whatever means necessary. It is ok to rest when  you are injured!

I hope you all don’t have to suffer any injuries, but if you do, hopefully these tips will help you.

Remember, enjoy the journey of running. It is a forgiving sport. You can always start again.

“He brought me out into a spacious place;
    he rescued me because he delighted in me.” 

Psalm 18:19