Running and Another Scrabble War (Weekend Recap)


Hello and happy Tuesday! This recap post is coming at you a little late, thanks to a crazy Monday and a missing SD card. If anyone finds my memory card, let me know asap, okay? This past weekend was a combination of relaxation, activity, and productivity. Aside from two back to back late nights, Saturday and Sunday were lots of fun and just right.

Let’s rewind to Saturday morning >>>


Saturday morning arrived bright and early with slow devotions, a steamy cup of coffee, and Benaiah snuggles. Benaiah was extra cuddly Saturday morning, which gave me a good excuse to linger in bed for a while longer than planned. After resting as a family, I threw on my running clothes and headed out for a easy and slow two mile run.


My hip flexor seems to continually get better and I’m excited to get back into running more frequently! (FINALLY!!) After stretching and showering, Landon left for a run while I fed Niah. Shortly after Landon arrived home it was time for our breakfast.


We made our typical protein shakes and munched on some homemade granola before decided to run errands and clean the house. We spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up projects, snacking on a random lunch (I honestly can’t remember what we had!) before heading to Landon’s parents home.


But first, a family selfie.

My father in law made my FAVORITE Liberian collard greens (TO DIE FOR) for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening talking, playing games, and snacking on chips and salsa. Super spicy salsa, might I add.


In contrast to our lazy Saturday morning, Sunday started off with a bang as I ran around the house trying to get to church on time. We arrived at church a little late (shh…don’t tell anyone) before enjoying a great sermon and just as good fellowship over a delicious potluck lunch. Our church provides the best potluck lunches and I made sure to stock up on the seemingly endless variety of salads they had to offer!

On our way home from church, we stopped in a little consignment shop. I had my eye on an adorable bench, but decided the price just wasn’t worth it. Next time.


Landon, Benaiah, and I celebrated the rest of the weekend with a salad + guacomole and chips for dinner and a fierce game of Scrabble. As usual, Landon won, but I am coming for him next time. (Excuse the recycled photo…)

As you probably noticed, this weekend I really stepped away from social media and my camera, which was a welcome break. I love documenting my weekends and staying connected with you guys through the weekend, but every now and then it is nice to unplug and refresh! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and an even better week!

Catch you all tomorrow!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Are you a spicy salsa fan or more of a mild salsa lover?
  2. Runners- what is  your favorite temperature to run in? 
  3. Does anyone else love collard greens?