Running and a Homemade Pizza Date (Friday Scenes 8/26)  

Hey friends and happy Saturday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend and especially glad we don’t have any plans for today. After a pretty rough night of sleep last night (thank you pregnancy!) coffee and relaxing are the only things that sound good right now. 

Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few hours, once the coffee kicks in. Thank goodness I only have a few more days (?) until I can sleep through night again. Haha. In my dreams..

Enough about sleep, let’s chat about yesterday and what’s happened since we last hung out.

Yesterday, I ran 1.24 (every .01 mile counts while pregnant) and it felt like fall outside. I was quite happy about that. 

Something else I was quite happy about? This banana/ cocoa/ almond butter protein shake. Ahh, could I just drink smoothies all day?

I spent the next couple hours, cleaning the house, working on my blog updates, and (yes) bouncing on my exercise ball. 

Around noon, Landon and I had a lunch with Landon’s boss (it was his boss’ birthday!) and co-workers. The food was delcious, complete with homemade ice cream. 

After lunch, I walked to wrap up some errands before the week was over and met the nicest lady at the library. She totally made my day. 

Once Landon got home, it was time to make dinner- together! I love to cook, but cookin together is 100000 x more fun.

On the menu? Homemade pizza and a large dinner salad.

I would say it turned out okay. 😉 

Thanks for the help, babe.

After enjoying the fruit (eh, pizza) of our labor, we made sure to check out the new snap chat filters. 

This one looked really good on Landon.

And apparently, he can rock a beard. 

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That angle though…we are so good at the photography thing. 😉 

And that’s wrap! I hope you have a great Saturday, whatever your plans may be. 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Did you do anything fun Friday night??
  2. Favorite homemade pizza toppings?
  3. Latest run? Tell me all about it!