Post- Pregnancy Health, and Running, Fitness Goals 

Fitness is a funny thing. In my five years of running and routinely working out, one thing I’ve leaned is that fitness can come and go so quickly. Make that go so quickly, coming back takes work. I’ve had times in my life where I was the most fit ever and other times were I’m not as toned/muscular/fit, etc. since I’m always rational think (ha) when I lose running fitness of other fitness overall I start to freak out and think I’ll never be able to gain it back. Hello, so not true. 

Running and general fitness do take time to regain, but when you lose it, you can regain it with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest (yes, rest!). 

I’m so thankful that I had a super healthy pregnancy and I was able to workout and run the entire time. (I actually ran the day before Benaiah was born!!) 

Because I did take so much time to workout during my pregnancy and ate healthily my recovery and fitness seems to so far bounced back pretty quickly. But, because I am a (deep down) competitor (mostly with myself) I am excited about this fresh slate and this place where I am at with my body. I don’t know if it is the hormones or what, but since giving birth to Benaiah I feel like I could conquer the world. And that’s pretty much what my goal is. 😉 

So, for all you guys, I thought I would breakdown my goals on health, running, and fitness and you could share any of your goals or ideas with me. I like to get stuck in ruts (with pretty much anything/ food, running, reading, blogging, etc.) and I would LOVE some inspiration! 

Here are my thoughts:


  • Drink more water. I’m pretty good about drinking water, but I want to increase the amount I consume. I know for breastfeeding this is super important and obviously for overall health. My goal = at least 8 cups a day. 
  • Eat more protein. Over the years, I’ve noticed that my body feels really good when I eat lots of protein and I know this is an area I can grow in. I need to be better about being aware and making sure there is protein in every meal I eat! 
  • Create More Healthy Recipes and Desserts- I love to cook and I want to expand the blogs recipe section! Do you guys have anything you want me to make? Comment and let me know! 
  • Try out meal prepping – I’ve seen so many people lately incorparing weekly meal prepping into their routine and Landon and I agree, we need to jump on board too. It would save me lots of time and save Landon and I lots of $$. Win, win, right? 
  • Read More/Less Screen Time – I want to be a good example to Benaiah and I know this is something I need to grow in. I’m so bad about feeling like I constantly need to look at my phone. I want to set aside a time, even if it is an hour before bed, to turn off my phone and replace it with a book. So, any book recommendations would be great! 


  • Get my groove back with running and decrease my mile time- My midwife has informed me that I need to take six weeks off running before I start again. Even though this stinks, it will give me time to plan my runs/ set my goals/ and prepare my mind mentally for a new season of running! This new season will be so different with having Benaiah around, but I have a feeling it will be so good! 
  • Run another half marathon and PR my time- I love the half marathon, it is such a great distance, the training  doesn’t consume your life, and to get a good time you need to push yourself. I am craving a good race and once I get my groove back, the half marathon is what I’m looking at! Let’s do this thing. 
  • Incorporate more speed training into my runs- a little before I got pregnant with Benaiah, I had started doing weekly speed training and I noticed a huge difference in my speed! Let’s do this again.
  • Try out a bodypump class- it seems like all my blogger/IG friends take bodypump classes and I am super intrigued. I get into my cozy  comfort zone and I don’t like to get out of it, but I think it is time. 
  • Try a spin class out – same as above. 
  • And lastly, run a full marathon!! I don’t have a time or date when I want to do this, but this is a dream of mine that I want (make that need) to do. Landon said he would do it with me and I’m holding him to that. 🙂 

With so many goals, I’m excited about this new season of fitness and running. I’m excited to set an example for Benaiah, to continue to pursue my passions, dreams, and goals, and challenge myself. Through it all, I will be giving myself lots of grace and holding my plans loosely. 

You Share 

  1. What are some of your fitness goals? 
  2. Do you do weekly food prep? 
  3. Book recommendations?