My First Baby Shower, A Wedding, and Unpacking for Days  (Weekend Recap 7/25)

Good morning and happy Monday friends! How was your weekend!? I hope it was fantastic and that you  all have a large cup of coffee in your hand. Get ready for a long recap post…

What a weekend it has been! Between officially moving into our new place, my first baby shower, and a wedding, these last couple days flew by.

Saturday morning, Landon played soccer while I watched him/blogged/worked out. 

Let me tell you, it’s awkward to workout while there are a bunch of  guys playing soccer not too far away. I decided not to do that again. 😉

After soccer, Landon and I stopped at our old apartment, grabbed quite a few boxes, and headed back to our new place. 

Although moving is a big project, I am loving our new place. Once we made it home, we unpacked the boxes and I got ready to go to my first baby shower! 

I don’t know why I didn’t get any pictures, but can we just take a moment to appreciate this onesie? Emma, you know me so well 😉 

The shower was lovely and I felt so loved! 

After the shower, I came home with my sister-in-laws and was super excited to see all of our big furniture moved in. (A big thanks to Andy and Landon!) 

The rest of the evening, Landon and I spent with family chatting and enjoying Liberian food! (One of my personal favorites!)

I woke up Sunday morning and made myself my favorite chocolate peanut butter smoothie before we headed out to church. 

After church, we ran a few errands and got ready for a wedding!

The bride, Jen, was gorgeous!

He’s my favorite wedding date. 😉 (taken from my Instagram)

The family was looking sharp. 👌🏼

After the wedding, Landon and I opened up baby T’s car seat (!) (another gift from the shower) and tried to wrap our minds around the idea that baby T is coming in only five weeks!!

We needed Sunday evening with halo top and a movie. 

It was a wild weekend, but packed with all my favorites: family, friends, fitness, good food, and productivity! 

That’s all for now, stop back in later today for a new recipe!  

 Questions of the Day

  1. What did your weekend look like? 
  2. Have you been to any weddings recently? 
  3. Any good movie recommendations? Landon and I watch a movie usually 1-2 times a week and I’m running out of movie options- give me some ideas!!