Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Hello there and happy Tuesday! Thanks to our extra long, holiday weekend, I kept waking up thinking it was either Sunday or Monday this morning. I hope you guys had a great couple days of rest and are enjoying this fresh, new start to the week! I totally forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend, until Landon mentioned it last Thursday. I was so excited about our three day weekend and it did not disappoint!



(PC: Kylie and Heidi Photography)

Saturday was a busssy one, since I was in one of my dear friends’ wedding! It was a beautiful day and I was honored to stand up with her on her special day. Kylie was a breathtaking bride and she got married at the exact same place Landon and I got married at, almost two years ago! It was so fun not only being there to support her, but also to experience going back to the magical place where Landon and I became husband and wife.

Since I had to be at the wedding venue by 11:30, Landon and I got up fairly early and went for a easy three mile run (with negative splits) while Benaiah hung out with grandma and grandpa. (Since the venue was close to my parent’s place, we ended up spending the night out there Friday night).

I knew it was going to be a busy day and it felt good to get a few sweaty miles in before the craziness began!

I arrived at the canyon (gorgeous place, by the way! For my local peeps, it is in Mt. Morris, IL and a gorgeous spot for weddings!) at 11:30, snacked on some veggies and dip and slipped into my dress before waiting for pictures. Kylie decided to get pictures taken before the wedding and I enjoyed mingling with family and friends while we waited for the bridesmaids pictures.

Kylie's wedding

(PC: Kylie and Heidi Photography)

A few hours later, the ceremony began and it went beautifully! I, obviously don’t have many pictures, but I can assure you, it was a beautiful, Christ honoring wedding!

After the wedding, we enjoyed time mingling with guests, eating delicious desserts and making sure Kylie was taken care of before sending them off to their Carbiean honeymoon!

We left shortly after the wedding and headed back home. Since it was getting late, we stopped at a local diner and I enjoyed a huge gyro while Benaiah ate cottage cheese +fruit and Landon enjoyed a burger.

We crashed hard Saturday night and enjoyed sleeping in our own bed after watching an episode of Dick Van Dyke. #typical


Sunday morning arrived earlier than I hoped for, with a wake up call from Benaiah at 6:45. I took advantage of the early morning, by sipping on coffee, having devotions, and making a potato egg skillet for breakfast.

Once Landon woke up, we ate breakfast together and headed to church. Church went well and we left feeling uplifting by the sermon and fellowship!

After a 10 minute tidy, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and temperatures, by taking a quick stroll to the park.


I had every intention to actually move around at the park, but laying on the grass sounded way better than doing anything else.


I think I was in recovery mode from a busy day yesterday! Benaiah enjoyed himself and crawled around in the grass, while inspecting my camera case and the stroller.


Once our stomachs started growling, we headed back home to get dinner started. Landon and Benaiah serenaded me while I cooked and I couldn’t help but snag this picture. I love Benaiah’s love for his daddy and his ever curious mind!

Dinner = a giant grilled chicken salad with watermelon on the side! Can you say summer food?!

We ended our Sunday night with healthy pie and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I think I had only seen this movie once before and I was quite happy with it a second time through!

Memorial Day (Monday)


If I had to classify our Memorial Day in one word it would be: active. Thanks to our lazy, restful Sunday, Landon and I woke up ready to soak up lots of sun and fit in as many activities as possible before the week started!

Our first activity was a soccer game for Landon and a run for Benaiah and I. Landon’s soccer team decided to wear red, white, and blue for Memorial Day. I thought they looked extra sharp playing in all matching colors!


I love that Benaiah loves to run with me. We finished three miles before the halfway point in the game. Extra time = extra time to watch daddy play and eat bananas.


Benaiah loved watching the guys run around and equally loved his banana. After Landon finished his game, we made a quick stop at the store and headed back home.


We didn’t stay at home too long, just enough time to drink some smoothies and clean the house, because we had plans to go to our local pool! It was our first time going and Benaiah’s first time swimming.


He seemed to really enjoy the water. I can’t wait to take him back this summer and get him more and more used to the water.


Also, babies in swimsuits = adorableness.



Once we got back home, we were hunnggry! I was extra thankful I had already prepared dinner and within 45 minutes, dinner was on the table.


Comfort food was what was for dinner yesterday including sautéed veggies and chicken cracker casserole (<<< a family favorite- not super healthy, but super delicious!)





Landon and I ended the holiday weekend the right way with an ice cream date (Halo Top for me, Talenti for him) a game and a Dick Van Dyke. This weekend was just what we needed and it felt so nice to have some time to refresh, rejuvenate, and get some sunshine!

We are so grateful for all of the scarifies our heroes have made for this beautiful country we call home. Thank you to all those who are serving our country, have served, and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. We are so thankful for all of you.

I hope you all have a fantastic upcoming week. I will catch you guys tomorrow!

Questions of the Day

  1. How did you celebrate Memorial Day?
  2. Would you rather play soccer or run?
  3. What do you like better, Talenti Gelato or Halo Top?