Marathon Training Week Five Update

marathon training WEEK FIVE

I seriously can’t believe I am five weeks into my marathon training and have a half marathon in three weeks! What?! As fast as this training is going, I know it will start to feel like it slows down as the miles increase. But, before it does, I am enjoying this mileage right now and feeling really good about where I am at!


Off – complete rest.



Off from running. But Landon and I worked out chest and back together with a 10 minute long push-up video. Woah baby, my arms were sore! Since arms/upper body is least favorite area to workout, it is nice to workout with someone else! #motivation


3 mile stroller run @ a 8:49 average. It’s exciting to see my stroller running pace decrease with each run. Thanks to the two rest days, my legs felt super freshed and ready for the Monday miles. This run felt like a breeze and I was bummed I only had three miles on the plan for that day.


Tuesday morning, Landon watched Benaiah so I could fit in 5 miles by myself (I went at a 8:03 average.) As fun as it was to run by myself, the humidity was terrible and I could feel it. Although it wasn’t my greatest run, I felt great afterwards and was happy to get it done!


Wednesday morning, Benaiah and I conquered another three miles of stroller running at an 8:46 average pace. Running is so funny, because coming off of Tuesday’s hard run, I didn’t know what to except, but Wednesday’s run left me feeling super happy and confident. Once again, the miles flew by and I felt strong and comfortable! Yeah for good runs!



Thursday morning, Landon, Benaiah and I were all up early, so we decided to do an really easy and slow two miles all together. I don’t remember the last time we all went on a run together and I loved every second of it. Landon, I think we should do more family runs together, okay?


Friday (Today)

OFF, a little light yoga and stretching, since I have a ten miler TOMORROW!



I am planning on running with a large group of runners (how fun is that!) on the first, course preview run for my marathon. Since I am running a local marathon, the organizers are organizing course preview runs so runners can get a glimpse of the course before race day! I was super excited to see that the group is running 10 miles, since I have a 10 mile long run planned for this weekend!

I will be updating you guys through my Instagram stories, so make sure to follow along there, 😉 Just in case you are like me and love knowing what people are up to in their typical day to day lives!


And that’s it, I think I will land somewhere around 23 miles total for the week, making this me highest mileage week that I’ve run for a while. I am excited to see progress in my running and my mental confidence as these weeks pass and my mileage increases. It is amazing to see that when we, as runners (or anyone) put our minds to accomplishing a goal, we can!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Questions of the Day

  1. What was your favorite run of the week this week?
  2. Do you have any weekend plans?
  3. Do you prefer to run by yourself or with people?