(I’m Still Pregnant…) Bump Date: 40 Weeks! 

Honestly, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to share another bump date with you all. Not because I don’t love to keep you up to date with my pregnancy, but because Landon and I are anxiously awaiting this little ones arrival. 

I catch myself thinking that once baby T comes, I won’t be worried about baby T’s health, because I he or she will be right there in my arms. How’s that for a pipe dream? Ha. 

As easy as it is to worry about the health of my little one or how the delivery will go, the Lord gently reminds me that He is sovereign and in control. And I’m not. Which is a good thing.

*Note, I’m not hinting that there is any real reason to worry about baby T, my mind is just tempted with worry at times. According to all our appointments and ultrasounds, baby T is perfectly healthy and strong!* 

Alright, enough rambling…

Baby Updates 

According to my app, baby T is the size of a jackfruit (what in the world is a jackfruit? Anyone know?) This little munchkin is approximately 19-22 inches long and 6-9 pounds. 

Weight Gained 

17-19 pounds, depending on the time of day.


Running and I are still friends, although with each passing week, it becomes a little more challenging. However, when I run I feel great and I’m listening to my body. (i.e. 1.5 miles feels fantastic.)

I’ve done light cross training as well, mainly squats, calf raises, shoulder presses (with light weights) and lunges. 

Landon and I have also been enjoying nice, long walks in the evening. 

Food Cravings

Overall, the thought food isn’t super exciting around here, but things that do taste good are: smoothies, fruit, cereal, salads, and sandwiches (especially BLTS.) 

Food Aversions

No specific food…


With each passing week, I definitely am feeling more pregnant! 

Main symptoms lately? 

  • Stronger Braxton Hicks  contractions and maybe some real contractions (on and off)
  • Stronger pressure in my pelvis and back since baby has dropped 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Restlessness at night (I’m up every couple hours…) 
  • Some nausea in the morning

I’m hoping all these point toward impending labor! Come on baby. 

Looking Forward to? 

Meeting our little one, having he or she placed on my chest, and finiding out baby T’s gender!  

Gender Suspicions

Me: girl

Landon: boy 

What do you say? 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? 

The only items that I’ve purchased this week has been for labor/delivery. 

My midwives encourage eating and drinking during labor, so I picked up nuts, Pickybars, dried/freeze dried fruit, almond butter, an all natural Gatorade like drink, and whey protein for a recovery drink. 

Miss Anything?

Nothing really, I’m trying to savor these last days (week?) of being pregnant with my first. Although, I am looking forward to sleeping on my back again! 

Questions of the Day

  1. Tuesday plans? Anything fun? 
  2. What is your favorite snack? 
  3. What is your vote? Boy or girl?