How to Beat the Treadmill Blues


So you want to run, but it is -30 out? Never fear, there is a solution to that! Its name is: the treadmill.

For most people, (myself included at one point), the treadmill seems like a death sentence. Even for the most avid runners, treadmill boredom is a terrible thing that happens to a large majority of runners.

Over the last few years of my running experience, I’ve learned some tricks to stay entertained and learn to (eventually) love the treadmill.

1. If at all possible, have the treadmill in an area that is bright.

I used to run in my laundry room, where the light dangled above my head, and there were boxes stacked beside me. Although I have run many 6, 7, 8 milers during that time, it was a little depressing to run right next to a stack of dusty boxes holding Christmas lights and ornaments. When we moved the treadmill to the living room area in the basement, life got a lot better.

2. Sermons, Music, or TV shows.


During my half marathon training period, I learned that I was able to watch at least two, 45 minute shows during my long runs on the treadmill. I mean, I actually had an excuse to binge watch shows on Netflix. I’ve learned that this helps me a ton when I am training or running for pleasure on the treadmill. When I run outside, I never listen to music, but when I am on the treadmill, it is a must. Right now, I am on season 1 of Call of the Midwife. So.good.

3. All accessories on board.

When you start running on the treadmill, make sure you have everything you need beside or near you. I always have my water bottle filled to the brim, a couple of hair bows, headbands, chapstick, and anything else you might think of. I also keep my compression socks near. Sometimes, I will finish the last mile out in my compression socks.


4. Mess around with the buttons.

I think as kids, we can all safely say there was a time when we were told ‘don’t push that button,’ or ‘don’t hit that,’ by our parents. Didn’t that get irritating? I mean, I just wanted to see what would happen. Well, you may now thank me, because I give you permission to mess around with the buttons the treadmill. I never ever run the same pace or incline on the treadmill. I find that the more I mess with the incline and speed, the time passes faster and my muscles stayed warmed up and uncertain of my next move. (which is good).

5. Plan what you are going to eat after you finished running.

Maybe I’m the only one who does this…but let’s be honest, it’s motivating to finish strong and fast.

almond butter

In conclusion, hopefully with those tips you can slowly learn to love that treadmill you have downstairs or locked inside the storage room. Remember, enjoy the blessings of being able to run. There are many people who wish they could, but cannot. Be thankful for the ability to strive for something, the ability to sweat, the ability to feel pain, and the ability to run.

Happy treadmill running to you all, off to work for me!


ps, If you don’t think you could ever run 10 miles on a treadmill, I didn’t think I could either, until I did! I just thought of it as two five milers. That’s sounds easy right? Now go out there and run!