Happy National Running Day


This morning I realized that it is national running day today. Of course, I had to take part, which included a five-mile run with some abs and arms added on later. I’m really not used to running in this warm weather. Where did my 50 degree weather go?

I also that I would take the time to document what running has given me through the past couple of years…


1. A sport that I don’t have to be coordinated with. This is such good news to me! I see myself as the picture of grace and poise, but I know in reality, I am far from that. That is one reason I like running. No coordination required!


2. The ability to eat bagels earlier than most people wake up in the morning. Carbs make me run faster.


3. Some pretty awesome socks.



4. Lots of fun ‘jewelry’ (aka race medals)

finsih line

5. A passion for racing.


6. Strange eating habits.

race t-shirs

7. A lot of fun workout clothes and race jerseys.


8. Some pretty awesome sock and Garmin tan lines.


9. A love for the treadmill.


10. Mental toughness and confidence.


11.  Patience through injuries.

12. A way  that I really enjoy to stay in shape.


13. An excuse to wear 3 different colors at one time.

high five

14. Special memories with my parents, friends, and Landon.


15. Dedication even when the going gets tough.

16. Strength that I never knew I had.


17. A passion for healthy living.

18. Goals and desires to have them accomplished.

19. Better mental clarity, energy, and focus.

20. That fabulous runner’s high.


21. Some great dates with Landon. My favorite runner buddy.


22. Great tans and bleached hair.

I am so thankful that the Lord gives us the ability to use our bodies in ways that are glorifying to Him. Running is a great gift and in the words of Eric Liddell…

” I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”