Halo Top Strikes Again, I Fell in Love with My Crock Pot, and My Mom/Sisters Came Over! (WIAW 7/19)

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I have lots of things to accomplish today and I am more than excited to tackle my checklist this morning.

(Have no idea what we do on Wednesday? Check out the details here)

Let’s chat about yesterday…

As I rolled out of bed yesterday, I caught Landon right before he went out for his run. I love that he is so disciplined. (Great job, babe!) Although I was dying to join him, I decided to pack him a lunch and get my morning started. (I’m still resting my ankle…)

After Landon went to work, I completed a twenty-five minute circuit workout and afterward made myself a peanut butter chocolate protein shake.

Ahhh, it hit the spot.  Every time I have a smoothie for breakfast, I love having a cup of coffee on the side. There is something about that hot and cold combo that is the best.


After drinking a warm cup of coffee, I had my devotions and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, organizing, and sorting through boxes of clothes and jewelry. 


Recently, I realized I have way too many clothes that I don’t wear at all. Since I don’t want to store them, especially if I never wear them, I’ve made quite a few trips to Goodwill. It feels so good to share things that I have with those who need them!

Anyways….back to the eats.

After a couple hours of sorting, I enjoyed a large salad for lunch with a side of cheese.


Oh and watermelon. Because, watermelon…

My new favorite way to eat watermelon? Topping it with Chia seeds.

After lunch, I headed to the library and worked on my blog for a few hours before my mom and sisters came over. I also enjoyed an afternoon snack of a graham cracker wth almond butter and almond milk. 

When my mom and sisters came over, we visited my new apartment (!) and my mom finally got to feel baby T move! He or she is such a stinker when grandma is around. 😉


(Throwback photo to my birthday!)

Dinner was super easy, thanks to my awesome crock pot! (I may or may not have fallen in love with my crock pot yesterday, it cooked my chicken perfectly!) 

Dinner: Chicken, brown rice, zuchinni, and beans. 

For the chicken I placed it in the crock pot at ten in the morning (frozen) and cooked it on low until 6. It was super juicy and flavorful. Thank you, crock pot. I will be using you a lot more often. 

After dinner, Landon and I spent a an hour at the library and once we got home I dug into my pint of Halo Top ice cream. I love that it tastes just like ice cream, but is way healthier. Win, win. 

(Excuse the recycled photo

And that’s a wrap! Catch you all later today with a new recipe! 

Questions of the Day

  1. Name three things you ate yesterday? 
  2. Favorite snack lately? 
  3. Any exciting Wednesday plans?!