Gift Guide for New Moms

Good morning friends and happy Friday! I am so ready to kick this weekend off right with a sweaty workout, a good cup of coffee (or three…) and some Christmas shopping (finally!). My mom and sisters are coming out early and we are going to spend the day hunting for the perfect gifts for everyone on our lists. With the upcoming holiday season and Christmas shopping on my mind, I created a fun roundup of some of my favorite gifts for new moms (like me!).

If you have any new moms or even veteran moms, these gifts are sure to please either! The gifts range in type, price, and style, which makes it easy to find just the right one for the mom in your life!

Comfy Straight Legged Jeans

A little bit after having Benaiah, I received straight legged, super soft jeans from Stitch Fix. I couldn’t find the brand that I received (Just Black) but these are similiar to the pair I have. I love these jeans not only because they are comfortable, but they also go with just about everything. Mom win.

Hair Ties

Oh boy, if I had a dime for how many hair ties I’ve lost over the years, I would probably be rich. If you have long hair like me, hair ties are a life saver for nursing or playing with your little one. Recently, Benaiah has started grabbing fistfuls of my hair, which means 90% of the day, my hair is up high and out of reach.


Otter Box Commuter Series Iphone Case

I told Landon before having Benaiah that I wanted to order an Otterbox for my phone. That decision ended up being one of my better life decisions lately.  I can’t tell you how many times my phone has fallen out of my hand or off the bed and I’m so glad I had this case protecting it! Broken = no good.

Stitch Fix Gift Card


One of my new favorite things is that I’ve already mentioned on the blog, is Stitch Fix. Between getting beautiful clothes mailed to your door, not having to go shopping, and everything fitting perfectly, this is definitely a fun service! A great idea is to gift the mom in your life a Stitch Fix gift card! Not only will they get to inform their stylist themselves on what clothes appeal to them, but they will also get to pick when they want their first Fix sent to them. This comes in helpful if their is a special event approaching! Find Stitch Fix gift cards by clicking here. 

Interesting in finding out more about Stitch Fix, read more on my blog, here.

Mom Mug

Isn’t this mom mug adorable? I use a ton of mugs through the week, but I don’t have one that says “Mom,” on it yet. I think this would be a great addition to any new mom’s Christmas gift. Also, let’s be honest, most moms are on survival mode those first few weeks and like it or not, caffeine does help, a lot. 😉

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy T-shirt

Isn’t that the truth? Motherhood is such a blessing, but let’s be honest, it is hard too! I love the design of this shirt and I love having simple, cute t-shirts to wear throughout the days at home with the little man.

Nikon Camera + All the Goodies

At one of my baby showers, I received a Nikon Camera that I love. A nice camera makes such a difference in the quality of photos and in my opinion, our photos of Benaiah’s first few weeks of life are priceless. Example >>>


Leather Bound Journal

Something else that is priceless? Those first memories of Benaiah’s birth, first weeks as a family of three, and each and every moment in between. Writing helps me get all my thoughts out and my creative juices flowing. Writing my thoughts, devotions, and memories down on paper is something I love to do every morning.

I hope these ideas help you as you finish up any last minute Christmas shopping! Have a fantastic Friday friends and a great weekend!!

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Questions of the Day 

  1. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping or have you even started? (NINE DAYS LEFT, but who’s counting?)
  2. Random question, but that’s how I roll…are you a morning person or a night owl? I woke up thinking about this…
  3. What is your workout looking like today?