Fun Facts Friday 

1. I’m back friends, sorry to be MIA yesterday. Yesterday and today have been full days of travel and fun. Sadly, I wasn’t able to squeeze in the time to blog. However, the Lord is teaching me that some days are like that. Some days don’t go as planned, and that’s okay.

2. This is where Landon and are this week! Pretty happy about it. 

3. Wednesday, Landon and I were saying to each other that we don’t normally get burned. Today: we (I) look like lobsters. Woops. 

4. Can’t get enough of this view. Landon and I had devotions right on this spot yesterday and ran on the beach. I am so thankful for a vacation. 

5. I haven’t had fruit loops in years, but I had to have a bite of Landon’s. I knows realize why kids love this cereal. 

6. Pretty sure baby T has had a growth spurt! Can’t wait to share  another “bump date” with you all! 

I’m signing off early today, lots of things to do and little time! Talk to you all on Monday.