Foamy Coffee, Six Months, and Watch out for this (TOL #66)

Good morning and happy Thursday to you! I hope this post finds you healthy and ready for another great day. I have a pretty full day on the agenda, which means there will be many cups of coffee consumed and lots of fun things happening!


Keeping with tradition around here, I’m starting this Thursday morning off with another TOL post. (Confused? Click here for more info.) Thank you Amanda for hosting every Thursday!


So, last Friday I made one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever made. It was one of those meals that you want to eat until you are stuffed- I had to stop myself after three pieces. If you are looking for a good pizza crust recipe, I used this one and it turned out perfectly.


In other news, running is going really well! My hip flexor feels completely back to normal and I’m slowly, but surely building back mileage before I begin official marathon training in April or May. Most of my runs are taking place on the treadmill, since it is cold outside and I don’t want to take Benaiah out in the frigid temps. Although I would way rather be running outside, I don’t mind the treadmill in the least. A run is still a run, outside or not! Also, aren’t these shoes pretty?


Speaking of the little munchkin, Benaiah is officially six months old and I don’t know how I feel about that. This stage is so much fun and it may be my new favorite stage. He’s a champ at sitting up on his own and loves to laugh and ‘talk.’ Be sure to watch for his full six month recap coming next week.


Another thing to keep a look out for >>> this comforting soup is coming to a blog near you, soon! Make sure to stock your pantry with some lentils!


On another food related note, does anyone else absolutely love foamy coffee? I think that may be favorite part and it makes me feel super sophisticated drinking it.

And on that foamy coffee note, I’m signing off and heading to fill my cup again. Hope you guys have a fantastic Thursday!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Your turn! What is something you are thinking about lately?
  2. Favorite way to drink coffee?
  3. What was your workout yesterday?