Five Mile Run + Good Food + Family Time


Hey there and happy Tuesday! I hope all is well with you guys as you stop by the blog today. I’m going to be honest, yesterday was hard. Like super hard. I don’t know exactly what was off, if Benaiah was teething or going through a growth spurt, but he was super cranky yesterday, which left me completely exhausted by the end of the day. Thank goodness Landon came home and played with him before bed, while I cleaned the kitchen and decompressed. You know you’ve had a hard day when scrubbing the kitchen down is relaxing, right?

Through it all though, God is good and I found myself remembering the truths I had read in my devotions when I began to feel stress whelming up inside me. I’m hoping (praying!) that today is better and whatever was bothering Niah is resolved. Poor buddy.


Thankfully, our weekend was much better than yesterday. Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?



I woke up early Saturday morning to a happy, but hungry Benaiah. After feeding him, I poured myself a cup of steamy coffee and we both headed for the living room for playtime and devotions. After I finished my devotions, I checked a few things off my to-do list for the day (such as call insurance -ew.) while Benaiah played in his bouncer.

Landon got up shortly after I finished up a few semi-urgent tasks and after chatting for a few minutes, I left for a run.


These days, most of my runs take place on the treadmill, but Saturday’s are my days to run outside and without a stroller. I run along a new route, which made my run even more exciting, and finished feeling super strong at five miles. Guys! This run was my longest run yet, postpartum. In all honesty, I had hoped to be running a lot higher mileage than where I am at right now, but a few injuries have set me back. Thankfully, with those injuries resolved and with marathon training officially started in three to four weeks, my miles are slowly building and I couldn’t be happier.

Once I got home, I foam rolled and stretched, while Benaiah used me as his personal jungle gym. 😉


We FINALLY sat down to eat around 11 (late breakfast/early lunch) and I refueled with some protein oatmeal and an apple with another cup of coffee on the side, of course. I made sure to chug a lot of water when I got home too!


Landon worked through most of Saturday day, which meant Benaiah and I played together, read stories, and went on a grocery shopping trip. We were in desperate need of groceries, which meant this trip was quite the grocery haul.

Benaiah and I came home right as Landon finished up his own run and after Landon cleaned up, he watched Benaiah as I put away groceries and made a batch of brownies for church.


We ate an early dinner on Saturday night and since Landon had worked so hard the entire week, I made him his favorite, mac and cheese!


Since I am trying to avoid too much dairy for Benaiah’s sake, I cooked up one of my favorites, salmon!


My boys. <3 Benaiah wasn’t super interested in the camera.


Landon was happy with the macaroni and cheese. I had a little, of course. SO GOOD.



Dinner totally hit the spot and I don’t think I would mind eating this meal three times a week.



After dinner, we enjoyed some family time outside before putting Benaiah down for bed. Landon and I spent the evening talking, watching Dick Van Dyke and eating big bowls of popcorn. <<Basically, my favorite weekend tradition.



Benaiah, again, thought it would be fun to wake up at six o’clock and since Landon and I stayed up late, I immediately filled up my mug with foamy coffee while I fed Benaiah and had devotions.

We quickly spent our morning getting ready for church and I whipped up a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs with kale + cheese with a side of apples and toast.


I totally burned the toast though, #fail.

We left for church and I was really encouraged by the sermon that was shared. After our regular service, I headed to my girls’ Bible study that I help lead and again, was encouraged by the girls and their genuine honesty.

We kept the rest of Sunday very relaxed by playing music, talking, dreaming about future vacations, and eating lazy salads.


Sunday is usually my day ‘off’ from cooking, so we assembled simple, chick pea salads with bowls of warm quiona and cheese for dinner.


Once we put Benaiah to bed, Landon and I spent a while talking and planning out future vacation trips, googled random shark facts, (when you are thinking about going to Hawaii some day, it’s normal to look up the most shark infested beaches, right? I think shark movies have made us extra cautious, haha!) and watched a corny romantic comedy before calling it a night. Oh and there was popcorn too. Because, it’s a tradition.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I will catch you tomorrow. I’m off to work up a sweat and get some work done before the munchkin wakes up. Have a fabulous day!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?
  2. Mama’s, how do you handle the bad days?
  3. Any fellow popcorn lovers out there? How is your favorite way to eat popcorn? Butter and salt, kettle corn, coconut oil, etc?