Fitness Friday II


 Welcome back to Fitness Friday!

(Week of January 11- January 18)


Monday: (AM) 5 mile run @ my training pace (8:34) on the treadmill.  (PM) nightly routine. I’ll share that with you all sometime soon!

Tuesday: 2.50 speed training, weights, arms. (PM) Night routine

Wednesday: 2.25 miles at 9:30 pm… weights, arms, and night routine

Thursday: 3 mile run (outside!) (AM) and night routine (PM)

Friday: Light cross training and stretching (AM) night routine (PM)

Saturday: 7 mile run and stretching (AM) arms and night routine (PM)

Sunday: Rest day


What could have gone better:

1. Less treadmill time. I just don’t run as fast on the treadmill, I miss my fast runs.

2. More weight lifting. I’m trying to figure out how to merge more leg/arm strengthening routines to my workouts. Any ideas?

What went right:

1. A run outside! So glad to be outside again, hallelujah!

2. Back to my nightly routine. I have a love/hate relationship with my night routine. It keeps me up longer, but I do love going to bed with sore muscles. I go through phases where I faithfully do it every night and other times I don’t. But I am glad to say, I am back on the night routine train!

Well that’s it for now! Happy Friday!