First Big Trip Out! + Lots of Benaiah Snuggles (Weekend Recap 9/12) 

Since Landon is still off work and I’m constantly feeding Benaiah all day, my days are so mixed up. I woke up this morning, trying to remember what day it was and if there was anything happening today. Thankfully, I think Landon, Benaiah and I are laying low and hopefully fitting in some naps.

This weekend was pretty full, let’s rewind to Saturday >>> 

Honestly, I don’t remember what happened Saturday morning, except I know I fed Benaiah and cleaned the house a little. 

In the afternoon, Charissa came over, we had lunch together, and she met Benaiah for the first time. He enjoyed the rocking and mommy loved the company! 

Saturday evening, our friends brought over a meal and it was on point.

Meal = basil chicken, roasted  veggies, and chia pudding for dessert. I think they know us pretty well 😉 

Saturday night didn’t sleep very well, which made for a very long night. 

Thank goodness for late night Halo Top. 

After only three and a half hours of sleep for mommy, he finally slept a while before church and I used that time to get ready. 

I may have bags under my eyes, but I blow dried my hair. Win! 

I didn’t know how Benaiah would do at church, but he did great. 

And he looked spiffy to boot. 

After church and potluck, Landon  and I visited our grandparents (Benaiah’s) great grandma and grandpa. Everyone was pretty excited to see this little guy and I don’t think he minded the attention one bit. 

Uncle Billy and Jenny. 

Aunt Nikki

Aunt Kayli 

After everyone took turns holding Benaiah, we got a quick family photo (first time out!) and headed back home to meet up with friends.

More Benaiah snuggles.

After Brittany and Julia left, I took a quick nap and afterwards we enjoyed this dinner.

Mexican Stuffed peppers and salad. I think I could eat this 5x a week and not get sick of it. Thank you Mrs. Savino! 

Our evening ended (? began) with a couple episodes of Little Dorrit and a gluten free cranberry chocolate chip cookie.

As for the rest of year night? Snuggles, feedings, and burping sessions, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Questions of the Day

  1. What did your weekend look like? Anything fun? 
  2. What is your recent favorite meal? 
  3. Netflix has been helping me stay awake on those long late night nursing sessionsany movie/show suggestions?