Cooking, Nesting, and Hobby Lobby Woes (TOL #34) 

It’s Thursday which means we are almost to the weekend! This weekend, we have lots of fun things planned, I can’t wait to have the fun get started!  

Before I share all my random Thursday thoughts with you all, I want to give a big thank you to Amanda for hosting my favorite blogging party. 

1. I’ve been creating recipes/ cooking a lot latley and it has me feeling super happy. Landon is happy too, since he gets to reap the benefits. 😉  

2. I love eggs- but farm fresh are the best. I’ve been eating them like this: 

3. Hello delicious breakfast. And I’ve also been using the eggs in recipes like this:

4. My Banana Chocolate Muffins. (Missed the recipe? Check it out here.)  

5. While I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me in the living room working out. I’ll be honest- this week running has not been happening. (Okay, I’ve run once.) My hips/lower back are sore and even walking is bothersome. I think I need to hit up the chiropractor. Any ideas of how to combat pregnancy back/hip pain?

6. I don’t think I helped my hips and back at all yesterday when I decide to organize our closet, completely rearrange our bedroom, and move all the furniture. I would say I’ve officially hit the “nesting” phase. 

7. I was so tempted to buy EVERYTHING at Hobby Lobby yesterday. They had so many art pieces 50%- 80% off. Why do they do this to me every.single.time. 

8. Have you guys seen the trailer for  “Beauty and the Beast?” I seriously cannot wait for this movie to come out! 

9. I was just calculating and in one week, Landon and I will be celebrating ten months of marriage! How does the time go by so quickly? Each month is sweeter than the last and I am so thankful for him.
That’s all for now, let’s hang out again soon. Check back in later today for a new 20 minute strength circuit workout! 

Share Your Thursday Thoughts: 

  1. If you’ve been pregnant before, did you experience hip pain? What did you do to combat it? 
  2. Share your top three random thoughts! 
  3. Anybody else super excited about Beauty and the Beast? Any other movies that you are looking forward to seeing?