Christmas Weekend 2016


And just like that, Christmas is over. Why are the best weekends the ones that fly by so quickly? I hope your Christmas weekend was relaxing and filled with lots of family time and good food!



Our weekend of celebration technically started on Friday evening when we had both sides of the family came out to our place for soup, cookies, and caroling! I love to carol and when I suggested going caroling door to door to Landon and the family, we decided to make an evening out of it. We had a great time celebrating Christmas, a little early, with both sides of the family.




We went to the homes around our block and enjoyed watching people gather around their front door as we sung carols like, Hark the Herald! and Silent Night. While caroling, snow/sleet starting falling which made things equally magical and slippery. Once we came back and defrosted, we enjoyed three different kinds of soup (potato, veggie, and lentil!) homemade rolls, cookies, coffee and games.

DSC_2388After the family left, I quickly cleaned the house- does anybody else love to clean up after the party right away? Once the cleaning was finished, Landon and I watched It’s a Wonderful Life while Benaiah snoozed.



Saturday morning, Christmas eve, started with devotions and a run.


Landon quickly went to the store to pick up a few last minute gifts/stocking stuffers, Benaiah conquered his tummy time while simultaneously watching me wrap the gifts. I think he’s fascinated with the sound of wrapping paper. Once Landon came back from the store, we packed ourselves up and made our way to mom and dad Thompson’s for our Christmas celebration.




Shortly after arriving, the family sat down to enjoy a turkey dinner complete with sparkling grape juice and china table settings. F.a.n.c.y.  The food was delicious, but the company was even better. After dinner, we opened up stockings and gifts. Benaiah didn’t appear to be too interested in his gifts, but he was able to pull the wrapping paper- a little bit.



He also got this adorable chair and loved it. I have a feeling that in a few, short months he will want to be sitting in it all the time.


He’s such a model.

Once the gift exchange was complete, we ate dessert (mom made the BEST sweet potato brownies!) and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. Yes, again, Yes, I could watch that movie over and over. We partied until (probably) too late and eventually made it home.



Christmas morning was a little more chaotic than I hoped for. Between arriving at church later than we’ve ever arrived before (not a shining moment in the Thompson household) and a fussy Benaiah, Christmas morning was rather messy. Since we had church in the morning and two get togethers on top of that, Landon and I decided to exchange our presents to each other and Benaiah on the 26th. That decision proved to be a good one, since I have no idea when we would have squeezed it in on Sunday.

Thankfully, once we made it to my Thompson side (fun fact: my mom was a Thompson, but from a completely different Thompson family, obviously…) things settled down and I was able to unwind and enjoy family.


Hey, not every morning is perfect and that’s okay. Even if it is Christmas morning that doesn’t go quite as planned.


My gorgeous mom and sisters. Love. love. love.

About a half an hour after arriving, the food was served, plates were filled, and stomachs were happy.


My cousin, Stefanie, is famous for bringing her delicious mac and cheese. This year, like every year, she did not disappoint. I don’t know her secret recipe, but I enjoy the fruits of her labor once a year.


I loaded up my plate with just about everything and obviously went back for more sweet potatoes, because, sweet potatoes…

Once everyone was finished filling their stomachs, we listened to the Christmas story, exchanged gifts, and listened to The Night Before Christmas that my grandparents recorded on an audio book about seven years ago.


Also, how adorable is my littlest cousin?


Grandma + adorable aunts.

We ended the Thompson festivities with virtual reality. Has anyone seen the virtual reality glasses? My mom tried the roller coaster ‘story,’ and I don’t think I’ve seen her laugh and scream that hard in a while. Worth it.


After the Thompson party ended, we get the spirit of Christmas alive with another party over my parents house. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate how adorable everyone is. And on another random note, PC (photo credit) to Emily (far right with Ukulele) for taking the first photo that’s featured on my blog today. She’s amazing and I think she should become a photographer.

mm’k back to what I was talking about…



We opened up gifts together as a family, chatted about life, and watched a Charlie Brown Christmas. Oh, good news, I got the ankle boots I requested. Thanks momma. 🙂 Again, we stayed late like the party animals we are and came home with full hearts and a car load of presents.


Monday morning was Christmas morning for us and we started it off the only way we know how.

Devotions + coffee


And these beauties


Gluten free blueberry waffles. Yes please.

Once we finished breakfast and had our second cup of coffee, we opened up our gifts.


I was so excited for Landon to open up his gifts and I think he was equally excited about them. Win!


Landon surprised me with perfume, a new Bible, dark chocolate, and a scarf to mention a few.



I love to give gifts because gift giving is such a beautiful reflection of the reason for the season.


By day three, Niah seemed to get the concept of tearing wrapping paper a little bit more.

A few hours later, we celebrated with Landon’s Thompson side and enjoyed food and fellowship with cousins, aunts, and uncles. I also forgot to take pictures.

We officially ended our Christmas weekend celebration with sorting presents, leftover soup, and The Grinch. 


Overall, our weekend was beautiful. Not because everything was perfect, but because Jesus sent his son so many year ago, for His glory and that we may know Him. And because of that great and best gift, we are able to celebrate, enjoy every single moment, every single gift, and every single carol.

I hope your weekend was beautiful too. May your days ahead be merry and bright! I’ll catch you all later!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did you do for Christmas?
  2. Favorite Christmas gift given?
  3. Favorite Christmas gift received?