Celebrating Life (Weekend Recap 6/20) 

I’m currently soaking in the peace and quiet, snacking on cucumbers, and enjoying the air conditioning. After a full, celebratory weekend, peace and quiet is just what I need. 

Speaking of the weekend, let’s rewind to Saturday morning…

Saturday started off pretty low- key, I ran a couple miles and watched Landon play soccer. 

I love watching Landon do something he is so passionate about! 

Once we got home, we made a quick breakfast of eggs and fruit. After breakfast, Landon worked, I cleaned the house and packed for an overnight at my parents. 

The rest of Saturday I took zero pictures (blogger of the year award goes to me!) Although it was an afternoon and evening without pictures, it was not without fun. 

Landon and I went to my sisters graduation party (how is she old enough to graduate!?) It was so nice to see a bunch of old friends and hang out for a couple hours with everyone. 

After helping clean up, Landon, my family, and I celebrated my grandma (and her twin sisters’) birthday with homemade ice cream. My Aunt Lisa is a homemade ice cream making expert which meant that the ice cream we had was to die for. 

Sunday morning, my youngest sister was baptized! 

I was so thankful to be able to support my sister and be there for her on her special day. 

Later that morning, we celebrated Father’s Day with my father. Choice way of celebrating? Biscuits and gravy and fruit parfaits. No complaints here. 😉 

Since Father’s Day was yesterday, I have to share one of my favorite pictures with you all. This was last year’s 5k. My dad decided he wanted to run it with me and he did. I was so proud of his determination. He’s not a huge fan of running, but I know it was important for him to race with me. That is a race I will never forget. 


Back to the weekend….

Sunday aftenoon, Landon and I celebrated Father’s Day at my inlaws with pool time and African food(!)

This may not look appetizing, but trust me, it is delicious (my father in law makes the best Collard Greens and Palm Butter.)

The rest of the evening, we played corn toss, talked over large slices of watermleon, and spent time with my father in law. 

This weekend has reminded me just how blessed I am. When your weekend is filled with seeing long time friends and celebrating Father’s Day with not only one, but three wonderful fathers, one can only feel blessed. I know that not everyone has a father that they have a good relationship with and I don’t want to ever take what I have for granted. 

Speaking of fathers, the last (but not least!) father I celebrated with was my husband. *If you are reading this Landon* Oh honey, I am so thankful for you. I know that you are going to be an amazing daddy to baby T! I am so thankful for all you do for our family. 

So that was the weekend. Full of life. Full of laughter. Full of late nights and early mornings. Full of good food and time spent in the sun. Full of celebration. And it was perfect. 
How about You?

  1. What did your weekend look like? 
  2. How did you celebrate Father’s Day? 
  3. What is your favorite ethnic food?