Bump Date: 39 Weeks! (And Baby T’s  Movements Caught on Video!) 

Oh my goodness, we are only five days away from my due date! Now, I know that I could go a week or two over my due date, but it’s exciting to be this close to the end!! I seriously can’t wait to meet this little munchkin and start this new chapter in our lives.

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a watermelon, approximately 18-22 inches long and anywhere from 6.2-10 pounds. How’s that for a wide range?

Weight Gained 

Anywhere from 16-19 pounds, depending on the time of day/ how badly my feet and legs are swollen. More on that below…


Lately, my workouts have been a little lighter, but overall, I am loving the fact that I can still workout this late into the pregnancy!

My runs are shorter and slower than normal, but they are still runs- and I am okay with that!

Food Cravings 

Food isn’t all that exciting to me lately, but still some things that sound good are (obviously): watermelon, fruit, smoothies, cold cheese, and sandwiches.

Food Aversions

Nothing specific, but food in general isn’t too exciting lately…


Overall, I’m feeling pretty heavy and tight…if that makes sense. I can definitely tell that baby T has dropped (which is exciting!)

I’ve also been experiencing nausea  on and off in the morning and swollen ankles/calves. I haven’t had much swelling until last week, but my goodness, I’ve never seen my ankles/feet/calves/shins so HUGE! To be honest, it kind of grosses me out. 😉

Fun symptoms? Lots of movement/ so much fun to feel and see!

Speaking of fun- check out this video! If you look closely, you can see baby T’s little movements.

Gender Suspicions? 

I’m still leaning toward girl, Landon still says boy. And we will find out soon!

Looking Forward to?

Meeting our baby and having him or her placed on my chest! Can’t.wait.

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? 

Thanks to my gift cards at Baby’s R Us, I got my MamaRoo and set it up a couple days ago.

Miss Anything? 

Not too much, I just can’t wait to meet this little one.

And that’s all for now! Let’s hangout later today, okay?

Questions of the Day

  1. If you’ve had a baby, were you over due? 
  2. Anyone else have a Momaroo? 
  3. What have your workouts looked like lately?