Bump Date: 38 Weeks!! 

Wow, how in the world have we made it to 38 weeks?! The time is flying by and I’m itching to meet baby T! I think I’ve come to the point of disbelief, sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning and think, “Maybe this is a joke and I will never have this baby,” or, “It’s a mistake, I’m not really pregnant…” 

But then, I get all the adorable little squirms and kicks and I am reminded that I am indeed pregnant and we will soon meet our little one. 

Que the excitement!!

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Baby Updates 

According to my app, baby T is the size of a Swiss chard, approximately 19-22 inches long and up to 6.5. At our last appointment though, my midwife said that we would have a small baby, so I doubt that baby T is already 6.5 pounds… 

Weight Gained 

Anywhere from 15.5-16 pounds, depending on the time of the day. 😉 


Although I’m working out around 4-6 days a week, they are increasing lighter. Even though my hard core workout loving self misses my intense runs/workouts, I’m trying to do what feels best for me and baby T. So far, I’ve been doing cross training and lots of 2 mile runs. 

Food Cravings

My appetite has been all over the place lately. I’m not quite as hungry as usual and then when I am hungry, I don’t know what I want. Except watermelon always sounds good. 

Things that I have enjoyed lately? Smoothies, watermelon, cold cheese, and salads. 

Food Aversions 

Nothing specific, some things just don’t sound super appealing…


Moving around is a lot harder lately. This past week, I’ve also experienced some unwelcome nausea in the mornings…has anyone else had that in the third trimester? 

I am loving the squirming around that I’ve been seeing/feeling. A couple nights ago, my stomach was moving around so much, Landon could see it moving from across the room! Crazy. 

Another fun (I exaggerate) symptom? Swollen feet/ankles/calves. You should (actually you shouldn’t…) see them at night, it is pretty intense. 

Gender Suspicions?

Landon is still saying boy, I’m still going with girl! 

Looking Forward to? 

Getting the labor party started and meeting baby T!! 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases 

Thanks to a gift card we had at Carters, (thank you Johnson family)! I was able to get a couple of cute little newborn outfits…I can’t wait to use them. Also, I learned that I could spend all day at that place! Those clothes are too cute. 

Miss Anything? 

I miss sleeping through the night (and I have a feeling that I am going to miss this for a long time…) and I also miss feeling more normal. But, through it all God is faithful and good. And life is beautiful. 

Questions of the Day 

  1. If you’ve had kids before, have you had third trimester nausea before!? 
  2. What are your recent food cravings? 
  3. Recent workouts?