Bump Date: 37 Weeks (Full Term!!) 

Baby T and I have officially arrived at the 37th week of pregnancy and we are technically full term! How crazy is that?! With the thought that baby T could come anytime, I’m scrubbing floors and organizing closets (full force nesting phase.) I can’t wait to meet this little peanut! 

Baby Updates 

Baby T is the size of a winter melon (approximate 19-22 inches long and up to 6.5 pounds!) 

Weight Gained 

Just around 14-15 pounds. 


Working out is proving to be more of a challenge lately, but challenges don’t stop this girl! Running feels great (although 2 miles feels like my 8-10 mile runs!) 

I’m also still enjoying circuit workouts, but with an ever growing belly, it’s a little more difficult to move around. 😉 

Food Cravings 

This plate pretty much sums it up. Watermelon, (I don’t even want to think about watermelon season ending soon…) salad, veggies, and smoothies! 

Food Aversions



Oh boy, life at 37 weeks is pretty comical. I like to picture myself as a graceful doe, but in reality I’m pretty sure I look much more like a penguin. (Make that a pregnant penguin.) 

I am definitely more uncomfortable at night and baby T seems to think it’s amusing to stick his or her little toes in my ribs.

Other symptoms? 

  • An urge to clean everything. 
  • I’m more than ready for bed by 10pm.
  • Rib pain (I blame baby T’s kicks) 
  • Itchy stomach 
  • And lots of squirming movements from baby T! 
  • Braxton Hick contractions 

Gender Suspicions

Bethany: girl 

Landon: boy 

Looking forward to? 

Meeting baby T!!! 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? 

Yesterday, my friend Savannah and I went out nursing bra shopping and found this one, this shirt, and this tank. I also placed an order on Amazon for this bra too. It feels so good to have those items purchased and I feel much more prepared now. 😉 

Miss Anything? 

Sleeping on my back- other than that, life is good! 

That’s it for now! Let’s hangout later today, sound good? 

Questions of the Day 

  1. How is your Tuesday going? Off to a good start? 
  2. Mamas out there- when did you have your first!?
  3. Any tips or advice for nursing wear? I’ll take all the advice you can give me!