Bump Date: 36 Weeks! 

Hey, hey, hey! Baby T and I have arrived at the thirty sixth week (woah baby!) of pregnancy! I remember at the beginning of my pregnancy, everyone told me that with each passing week, the more uncomfortable you become. Well, they were right! But, more details on that below…

Baby Updates 

According to my app, baby T is the size of a large cantaloupe, around 19-22 inches and approximately 6 pounds. (Although, I think baby T is a little smaller than that.) 

Weight Gained 

I’m hovering around 13-14 pounds…


My ankle is on the mend and I could not be more pleased! This past week, I’ve run a couple times (not very high mileage at all!) but it felt good to move. 

I’ve also been working on my circuit training, focusing on upper body, core, and leg strength.

Food Cravings 

Smoothies, fruit (mainly watermelon), cold cheese, and veggies. 

Food Aversions 



Even though my bump isn’t huge I can definitely tell it is a lot harder to move around. I’ve also noticed baby T’s movements are different, more rolling and light kicks, since there isn’t as much room in there. 

Other things? The top part of my stomach gets itchy and almost hot (?) feeling, also if I don’t drink enough water throughout the day and I forget to elevate my feet – my legs/feet are huge at the end of the day! 

Overall, the third trimester is pretty excited and uncomfortable! I can’t wait to meet this little one. 

Gender Suspicions? 

Girl…and only a few more weeks until I find out! 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? 

Because of the many showers I’ve had and are upcoming, (what a blessing!!) I haven’t had to buy anything myself yet. 

Exciting happenings? Landon and I set the crib up last night and a couple nights ago, we assembled the high chair. Each day it’s getting more and more real! 

Miss Anything? 

Just moving around normally… 😉 

Catch you all later today with another recipe! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. If you are a mom, did you deliver late or early with your first?  (I’m gearing my mind up for a late delivery…)
  2. Current excitement around your neck of the woods? 
  3. What have your workouts looked like lately?