Bump Date: 34 Weeks! 

Baby T and I have reached the 34th week in pregnancy and things are about to get real. I am so excited to meet our little munchkin and see what he or she looks like.

Even though everyone is telling me that these last weeks drag by, I have a lot on my schedule! I’m hoping that that helps 😉

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Baby Updates

Baby T is the size of a pineapple! (How adorable, right?) Approximately 19-22 inches long and 4.9 pounds.

Weight Gained

I think around 13 pounds?


Oh running, I miss you. With my sprained ankle, running and I have taken a pause in our relationship. (Think last run was a week ago!!) Thankfully, I should be able to run shortly and I have been able to keep up with my cross training.

For cross training, I’ve been focusing on wall sits, push-ups, squats, lunges, curls with light weights, and lots of planks.

Food Cravings 

Watermleon, coffee, smoothies, cheese, veggies, and dark chocolate.

Food Aversions



Oh my, baby T has been so active latley. I’m pretty sure I was looking down 86% of Sunday’s sermon. Even though this little stinker likes to poke me in the ribs, I love feeling movement. I know when I’m not pregnant, that is something that I will miss!

Symptoms I won’t miss? Having a hard time getting out of bed (think rolling), slight heart burn, and Charlie horses.

Gender Suspicions

My vote: girl. Landon’s vote: boy. We will see who the victor is. 😉

Looking Forward to?

Our next appointment and meeting our little one!!

Any Baby/ Pregnancy Related  Purchases?


Miss Anything? 

Sleeping on my back. Other than that, not too much else. I am so thankful for this (so far) healthy pregnancy, God is good!

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Questions of the Day

1. What is one of your favorite workouts recently? 

2. Any recent food cravings?

3. What are your Tuesday plans? Give me the details!!