Bump Date: 33 Weeks!

I swear, these weeks are flying by. It seems like just yesterday, I finally hit twenty weeks and now, here we are. I’ve come to the point in pregnancy where I am used to the kicks, squirms, and the feeling of being pregnant. Sometimes, I will catch myself thinking that this is permanent. As if, I will be pregnant forever. Then, I remember that in only a few more short weeks, Landon and I will be a family of three! How crazy, beautiful, and exciting is that?

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Just for a little fun, check out this side by side comparison!

21 weeks >> to 33 weeks 

Crazy, right!?

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a large honeydew melon (!), approximately 19 inches and 4.5 pounds.

Weight Gained:

I am still hovering around right around 12-13 pounds.



Last week, running was a lot harder than normal. Some random muscle has been bothering me lately, so I only fit two runs in last week. I did do a lot of cross training and stretching, which is good!

I am hoping this week my running will feel more, ‘normal.’


Food Cravings:

Watermelon, smoothies, coffee, veggies, cheese, and sweet potatoes.

Food Aversions:



This week, sleep has been a struggle. I have a hard time getting comfortable and on top of multiple trips to the bathroom, I can’t seem to fall into that deep sleep my body is craving. (I think baby T is preparing me.)

Other than sleep? I’ve had a couple of charlie horses, decreasing energy levels, and moving around is a little harder than normal. 😉

Baby T is moving around like crazy these days, which I love! 

Gender Suspicions:

I’m still saying girl…

Looking Forward to? 

Meeting our little one!!!

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases?

Why do I ask this every week? Again, nothing yet. I still am waiting for my showers to happen.

Miss Anything?  

I miss sleep and running feeling normal. But, really, these are such little things…God is good.

Questions of the Day

1. If you’ve been pregnant before, what was your least favorite and favorite pregnancy symptom? 

2. Any recent random food cravings? 

3. Today is cow day at chick-fil-a!! Anybody dressing up like a cow??