Benaiah: One Month Check In 

I’m pretty sure September was the fastest month of my entire life. It feels like just yesterday, the nurse placed Benaiah on my chest for the first time. And now, here we are one month later.

This past month, I feel like I’ve learned so much information that it’s hard to even describe it all, from feeding schedules, to swaddling, to tummy time, it looks like parenting is a never ending learning process! 

Thank goodness for this guys support.

I can not imagine these past five weeks without Landon. Thank you babe!  

So, how is Benaiah doing? Our little man is growing every single day. It seems like if I turn my back for one minute, he changes. His little, long and skinny body has since filled out with adorable rolls and chunky arms that I can’t stop kissing! He is not only changing  physically, but eith each passing day his personality comes out more and more. 

Right now, Benaiah, like his father, seems to be quite the observer. He will sit in my arms and stare at (his favorite) the ceiling fan or lamps for minutes on end. Another thing I’ve noticed, he is a very determined little boy. When he wants something, he wants it and will let me know until he gets his desire fulfilled. 

Benaiah also loves to be snuggled (like his mommy!), swaddled, bathed, and rocked. 

Another favorite? Feeding. At first, nursing took us a little while to conquer, which left this new mom (with 87686 hormones flowing through her veins) panicked, thinking he would starve. Can you say hormonal? Thankfully, we got the trick down and he has not starved. In fact, since birth, he’s gained 2 and a half pounds and grown 1 1/4 inches.  

Something we are still working on? Sleep. Benaiah’s favorite place to sleep is on my chest, which is adorable, but we want him to be comfortable in his crib. So far, we haven’t seriously tried sleep training, but will be in implementing that shortly. Looking back, I know I won’t regret all the cuddles Benaiah and I have shared these past five weeks. 

Benaiah has good nights and bad nights, but on average, he sleeps two to two and a half hours before he decides he’s hungry.  

How am I doing? Physically I feel great. So great, but I would love to be out running right now. But I have one more week to wait until I get cleared from my midwives. I have an able to do some push-ups, calf raises, and lots of long walks, but my focus right now is just to spend time with my son.

Emotionally, I feel pretty stable too. sure, there are times I should a few tears when I think about how quickly the time has gone already, and will go. But overall, I feel almost back to my normal self, which is awesome. 

And on that note, I will leave you for today.  Hope your Tuesday is off to a fantastic start! 

Questions of the Day 

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  2. I need dinner inspiration, what’s on the menu at your place?
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