Benaiah: Four Month Update

Four Months

It’s hard to believe that this little man is four months old. This month was big for our little man! Between figuring out how to use his hands, rolling over, and his first Christmas, Benaiah has grown leaps and bounds!

Every month is fun, but this four month stage is a blast. Like seriously.

Christmas chair



Thank goodness sleeping just keeps getting better and better. Benaiah is now waking up only once at night, which feels so much better than two to three times at night. I’ve also noticed that he seems to want to go to bed earlier these days (around seven or eight) unless we keep him up past that point. If he is awake later than eight or nine, he catches his “second wind” and stays up until ten or eleven. That’s not quite as nice as the seven o’clock hour. This month, I feel like both he and I are figuring out this sleep thing and I’m feeling much more human, thanks to the extra hours in bed!

Benaiah and Mommy


Naps are something that we are still figuring out. Benaiah definitely likes and needs his naps during the day time, but we have a hard time getting into a routine/schedule. I know he is young and I’m giving him grace, but a predictable napping schedule would be nice. When he does nap, he sleeps anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It’s a little hit or miss, but that is how life goes, right?


Social and New Skills

As stated before, this month has been a big month for our little guy! Benaiah has recently discovered his hands and loves grabbing his toys, stuffed animals, mommy’s hair, and mommy and daddy’s face. He loves to ‘talk,’ smile, chew on anything he can find (hello, teething!) and giggle.

Benaiah is also rolling over and dominating his tummy time. It is so much fun to watch him learn all of these new skills and see more of his personality come to life.

Between all the Christmas parties (six of them!) Benaiah received a lot of attention, but I think he liked it. I’m pretty sure our little boy will enjoy being with people. It’s so sweet to see him smile and coo at so many new faces and bring joy to each person his little life touches.


How am I Doing?

I mentioned last update, but last month was tough month for me. Lack of sleep + raging hormones, wasn’t a good combo.  Thankfully, I am feeling so much better! God is so good and I’m so thankful for all of the supportive people in my life. Landon has been such a blessing and encouragement to my soul, as well as both sides of my family. I’m continuing to learn that motherhood is such a journey of discovery. I’ve learned so much about myself through this process and so much about my Savior. I’m learning that taking time to slow down, enjoy, and relax is okay, dirty dishes are fine, and salad for dinner is adequate. Not every day is the laundry piled high and not every evening are eggs for dinner, but some days that is what happens and you know what, it’s okay. It’s okay because Benaiah, Landon and I are healthy and Jesus is enough.

ps. My workouts are going really well, but I’m going to share a separate post dedicated to postpartum fitness soon, stay tuned!

Questions of the Day 

  1. For all the moms out there- when did your little ones get their first tooth in? 
  2. What is your workout of the day?
  3. Do you like to have the kitchen clean, laundry done and a good meal made or does that kind of stuff not bother you if it isn’t finished by the end of the day? (<<< longest question ever!)