Benaiah: Five Month Update


I know I start each Benaiah update in disbelief with how fast time passes, but seriously, how on earth is my baby almost a half a year old? I don’t think I like just how fast this time is passing and I find myself, often, encouraging him to slow down and stay my baby forever. Let’s just pretend that’s possible for a little while, okay? Okay.



I’m happy to say that sleeping is going better, but I am still getting up routinely once or twice per night. It’s one of those things that I wish I wouldn’t have to deal with, but then I know myself well enough; once he starts sleeping through the night, I am going to miss those midnight feedings. Benaiah’s “bedtime” per say, isn’t really established, but he will normally fall asleep anywhere from nine to eleven. We, obviously prefer the nine o’clock bed time.



Our current new adventure is trying to establish a good nap time routine. He is getting a little more predictable and I find myself banking on his morning nap time in order to squeeze in house cleaning, working out, etc. Normally, Niah naps one or two times in the morning and usually a longer nap in the afternoon. Other days, he decides to cat nap through the day, which makes for quite the interesting day!


Social and New Skills

Our little man has been quite busy learning lots of new things. Just within the past week, Benaiah started sitting up on his own (with pillows around him, just in case!) and attempting to crawl. It is so much fun to watch his little body conquer these huge milestones and see even more of his personality bloom this past month. Niah also is very interested in whatever we are interested, i.e. whatever I am eating, my morning cup of coffee, my glasses. He is also enjoying his toys more and loves gnawing on anything he is able to get into his mouth.

Niah, we love you so much and I am so glad God made me your mommy. You are such a blessing to our family!


How am I Doing?

If I were to give a word for this past month, it would be, refreshing. Now that I am getting more sleep and have this whole ‘momming,’ thing figured out a tiny bit more, I feel refreshed. Something that I’m really prioritizing is my time in the Word and resting in Christ. Some days, when Niah is fussy or my night is long, in my own strength I find myself empty and depleted. That’s when Jesus gently reminds me that my strength isn’t my own and when I run to Him, I am renewed, strengthened, and refreshed. Praise Jesus for grace!

I’ve also, recently, been just struck with just how much I love my little Benaiah boy. I’ve, obviously, always loved him, but recently, I’ll gaze at him sleeping or stroke his little arms while feeding him and just have this huge rush of emotions and feel this all consuming love sweep over me. I love him with all that I am and feel so blessed to be called his mommy.



Other than that, running is going well (yay!) and I’m slowly gaining mileage and speed, building my muscle tone with Plyometric workouts, yoga, and Pilates, while scouting out the perfect race for my first marathon! (Cue freaking out!)

Yes, the days are crazy sometimes and yes, I’m usually up at two in the morning, but it’s really, really, beautiful.

Questions of the Day 

  1. It’s FriYAY!! What are your plans? 
  2. Moms out there- when did you all start feeding your little ones solid food? I think I may start introducing foods around 6 months, but I want to get some advice from other moms! 
  3. Name three things you are learning this month!