Baby Clothes are the Cutest, New Recipes, and My First Offical Camera (TOL #43)

Hey, hey, hey, friends! Welcome back to TOL Thursday’s – were the theme of the day is share all the random thoughts! I don’t know about you, but randomness is usually how my brain works, so Thursday’s are just good days all around. 😉 

Before we dive into this post, props to Amanda for hosting! If you all still haven’t checked her blog out, please do. I’ve decided she is my future personal chef. She may or may not know this yet… 😉 

Alright…lets get this party started! 

1. I CANNOT even handle the cuteness of baby T’s clothes. I mean, why can’t adult clothing be as cute as baby clothes!? 

2. My clothing…not so much. I’ve been wearing a couple specificly super comfortable shirts multiple times per week. I’m quite excited about eventually fitting into my old clothes, I have quite a few more options. 😉 

3. I may be bummed that I am wearing a few select tops these days, but these babies make up for it. They make me feel like I have some of my life together 😉  Missed the recipe? Check it out here

4. Speaking of recipes, this recipe is coming to you all later today! Make sure to look out for it. Hint? Waffles + Bananas + Protein. 

5. All this food makes me think we should start talking about exercise…today’s workout? A one mile run. It’s amazing how at 9 months pregnant, even tiny distances and slow paces feel intense! Pretty sure baby was stretching like crazy while I was running…yay, that was fun.  

6. Speaking of the munchkin, today marks 10 DAYS until my due date!!! Oh my goodness. Let’s hope this little one decides to come on (or even better, before!) the due date. Got that, baby T? 

7. Thanks to my awesome family  and friends once baby T does decide to come, I won’t only have iPhone picture of our little one! Enter: my first official nice camera! I can’t wait to take pictures of every.single.expression/look/moment of Baby T’s  life.
Well, that’s all for now friends, I’m off to grab breakfast (a smoothie- shocking, I know….) and finish the rest of my morning tasks.  

Let’s talk about waffles over a cup coffee later today, okay? 

Questions of the Day

  1. Random Thursday thoughts? Share yours!
  2. What was your first camera? Current camera?
  3. Do you like waffles?