Baby Bumps, Random Lunches, and Good Runs: Thinking out Loud (#29) 

Thursday’s, I love you. I get to share all my random thoughts with my awesome readers, I have Bible study with friends, and Thursday’s are one day closer to the weekend!

Shout out to Amanda for always hosting this awesome party. Check out Amanda’s drool-worthy recipes here.

1. My parent’s dog (also still my dog!) Baldwin, is a sure way to get you smiling this Thursday morning. How can you not love that face?

2. While we are in the subject of lovely things, I caught this rainbow in the sky the other evening. It would a double rainbow, but I don’t know if you can make that out in this picture. And no, I wasn’t driving.


3. Yesterday’s run was glorious, pretty much the run that every runner dreams of. Even though running pregnant has its up and downs, I am thankful I still am able to get out there and do it.


4. Since I don’t share enough bump pictures with you all already, 😉 here’s another one for good measure. Excuse my awkward face.

5. In case you missed it yesterday, a new healthy and easy dinner recipe is on the blog! Check it out here.


6. Since I mentioned food, I thought I would share with you how random my meals are some days. And yes, I am an old lady- I love my cottage cheese. Anyone else love it?

7. My parents are such lovebirds and I can’t handle it. Too adorable.

8. This is my “I’m ready for the day and it’s before noon look.” Just keeping it real, folks.

9. When I cross train at home, I time myself to make sure I get a long enough workout in. Some days, I remember to stop my watch when I’m finished. Some days, I don’t. (That, my friends, would be a long workout.)

10. Last, but not least, another recipe is coming at you later today! Watch out for it.

You Share Your Thursday Thoughts:

1. Anybody else love cottage cheese?  

2. When was the last time you saw a rainbow? 

3. For all my running friends out there: what’s been your best run recently?